The Dedicated Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin has spent most of his time in biotechnology companies developing innovations in the pharmaceutical industry. The experience he possesses makes him a household name having bagged the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award. Currently, Jeff heads Paragon (WorldBusinessChicago).


Mr. Jeff leads ensuring that the patients come first. Aronin has a different view of the patients; he sees them as children, fathers, and mothers while working with them. Jeff has forged a deep understanding of the needs and necessities of the patients, with this he can formulate a plan and execute it to make them better. Jeff puts the needs of the patients first before anything else.


He is a man known to be enthusiastic in all the spheres of life work, family and the community in general. This enthusiasm has seen him be a board member of the Museum of Science and Industry, Economic Club of Chicago and the Discover Financial Services. Jeff’s primary goal is to have a better world through helping the humanity.


The environment around Jeff is healthy; he surrounds himself with successful people which gives him a winning mentality. Jeff values teamwork and insists on collaboration among his team. This positive energy has seen him go far with his loyal crew. Jeff was a founder of Ovation Pharmaceuticals, which he later sold to Lundbeck, a Danish drug maker for nine hundred million US Dollars. After the purchase, he was appointed the President of the firm (AliveNewspaper).


Jeff loves watching other people achieve their dreams and be part of their success story. He admits that he is where he is because of Lisa, his wife. Jeff has three daughters whom he loves and has been able to balance his family and business life.


Jason Hope Supports Anti-aging Research

Growing old is inevitable. However, nobody wants to grow old and become ugly. People are doing their best so that they can retain their youthful bodies and at the same time remain healthy. Looking young is not an easy task for anyone, especially people who are older. People are doing the impossible so that they can look young. Some of them are spending millions so that they can acquire the look they desire. There are many people who are looking for numerous ways of looking young. However, most of them have not been successful.The medical profession has been doing so much to come up with an effective anti-aging remedy. Although the industry has increased its efficiency in the recent times due to the use of the modern technology, it has done very little when it comes to anti-aging.

The drug processing task is not an easy path. Individuals who are in this industry must test and try the drugs they are using before they can finally declare them safe for consumption by human beings. This complicated process might take a very long time, and this is why many people are getting worried. There are numerous companies that have been introduced into the tight markets.Most of these organizations have produced consumers the kind of results they are interested in, but most of them have not been successful in delivering great products. Some organizations have even produced products that are not safe for the consumption of humans, making the situation complicated for the people looking for an anti-aging remedy. The SENS Foundation is an institution that has proven to be completely different when it comes to handling anti-aging products.

This institution was brought into the market several years ago, and it has managed to impress the consumers with the high-quality services it has been offering.Just recently, the large company announced that it had received a major boost in its funding. According to the news published in the company website, Jason Hope, a renowned futurist had donated a huge sum of money so that the foundation could conduct its medical research. Jason Hope believes that the successful company has been doing well in the anti-aging market, and this is why he chose to invest his money. Hope is sure that the company will deliver the kind of remedy the modern consumer is looking for. Jason Hope is extremely famous, and he has been offering consumers high-quality advice, especially in matters concerning technology.

The American Institute of Architects and Terrific Leadership

     The AIA (American Institute of Architect) has just made a big decision. Its board just selected an individual by the name of Robert Ivy to serve as its Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President. The AIA is a trustworthy group that speaks on behalf of architects who have licensing. It works for all kinds of construction and design professionals as well. The organization has been in operation since the 1850s. People who know the architectural world have a lot of familiarity with Ivy. He works as Architectural Record’s Editor in Chief and has done so since the middle of the nineties. He’s McGraw-Hill Construction’s Editorial Director and Vice President. His duties with McGraw-Hill Construction including overseeing the group in general and even assessing the standards of its numerous publication options.

Ivy can talk about his illustrious accomplishments prior to getting onboard with the AIA. He worked as a Dean and Dean managing partner, first of all. He worked as an Ivy Architects principal as well. This part of his career lasted for close to 14 years. He transitioned into corporate executive jobs immediately after exciting this stage of his work life.

This man’s enthusiasm for the architectural community honestly has zero competition. He regularly waxes poetic about all facets that relate to the architectural world. He speaks up about vital environmental, political and social components that alter the industry significantly. He’s incredibly proud of the AIA and all that it has done for its large membership. He was part of the group’s diligent Board of Directors during the nineties.

Ivy is going to be fully in charge at the AIA’s main branch located in the country’s capital, Washington, D.C. He’ll handle all matters that relate to budget. He’ll supervise the office’s 206 workers as well.

People who have seen Robert Ivy hard at work are in no way shocked about his rise in the architectural profession. His architecture education is thorough and comprehensive. He has immense gratitude toward his educational experience. Ivy went to Tennessee’s The University of the South for his undergraduate degree. He went to New Orleans, Louisiana’s Tulane University, too. He studied for his master’s degree at the Southern institution. He’s been on the American Institute of Architects’ College of Fellows for quite some time. He earned that status back at the start of the nineties. Robert Ivy is an example of an architecture powerhouse who is unstoppable.

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Dedication of Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz as the CEO of the National Steel Car has remained to be exemplary in the society. His efforts in the company have marked a lot of achievements. There many implementations made in the National Steel Car under the leadership of the Aziz. He has made a great transitional in the company such as setting up the auxiliary branches of the National Steel Car in various parts of the United States. The reason for the concept was to have the channel that will contact the main company with its clients through the distributors. National Steel Car has dominated the peak point on matters relating to the freights and railroads production in the South America market.


The main thing that has led the company flow along the expectation lane is the excellent leadership that has been showcased by Greg Aziz in the company. The factor that the company has made as the priority is the adoption of the modern way of handling the production. The move has been realized through the experts who are specialized in various areas a take part in running the National Steel Car operations. The exchange of the ideas between the members of the organization has enabled the excellent coordination and innovation among the workers in the firm. See This Page for additional information.


There is a unit of qualified individuals who are concerned reading the trends in the market and crafting the required measures to achieve the set objective of the National Steel Car. All these ideas were set in place by the outstanding leadership of the Gregory James Aziz. The small offices located other parts of the world are managed centrally. The National Steel Car has acquired the right certification through the ISO to produce the quality products that meet the standards needed in the market. The step has made the public to believe in the services and the products of the National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz is a fully qualified expert in the area of economics. He pursued his education at University of Western Ontario.


The knowledge Aziz gained has placed him in a vantage position of handling the financial challenges in the sphere of business. He ventures into the world of business while he was still at a tender age. He assisted the family business in the management section and made it achieved a lot of its goals and reached the clients at the international level.


Greg Aziz has made a lot of transformation in the National Steel Car through his excellent leadership.


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Fabletics Knows the Power of Online Reviews

Fabletics is a fresh, young athletic wear company spearheaded by actress Kate Hudson. Launched in 2013 under parent group, TechStyle, Fabletics is the darling of the athletic wear industry. Fabletics offers top-quality athletic wear that is both fashionable and affordable. In the past, people have been stuck with the choice of quality over style and Fabletics has managed to meet both needs in a fun way. With a growth rate of 200% and $250 million in sales, Fabletics is definitely doing something right!


What Makes Fabletics Unique?

Fabletics is embracing the popular membership models that we have seen skyrocket over the past few years. People sign up to be members and receive monthly packages delivered right to their doorstep. Additionally, Fabletics ships a full outfit each month. This gives members more items at a better cost and not just one simple item. Many other companies have taken note of Fabletics’ success and have modeled their businesses around it.

Consumer Trends are Changing

In a 2016 consumer study done by BrightLocal, 84% of consumers reported that they trust an online review as much as a verbal referral. This is a huge increase from even just a few years ago. With more places to check reviews before purchasing and more options to purchase digitally, the consumers holds the power.


The Power of a Good Review

Fabletics has struck gold in the digital space with its online review strategy. It’s no secret that consumers check reviews before making purchase decisions. When considering joining a membership-based brand like Fabletics, reviews are even more critical. Fabletics has collected a wealth of online reviews. These reviews help gain more members. People are more likely to trust the crowd-sourced reviews of many average people than the word of just one. By leveraging the power of the crowd, Fabletics gains a wealth of customer trust and customer loyalty for current members, knowing they are getting the best athletic wear.


Kate Hudson’s Vision for Fabletics

While Kate Hudson knows that her heart will always be in acting, she isn’t just a pretty face at Fabletics. When she co-founded Fabletics in 2013 her goal was to always be continually active with the company. She spearheads marketing and social media decisions, monitors sales information on a weekly basis, and helps determine big picture strategy as Fabletics grows so rapidly. People see Kate Hudson as genuine and very positive. She wears Fabletics frequently and truly believes in Fabletics.



Lifestyle Quiz

Another thing Fabletics is doing differently is offering users different user experiences on one website. The company has a Lifestyle Quiz on the website that results in a Fabletics experience just for you. The unique algorithm takes answers to questions such as favorite type of workout, style and indoor/outdoor preference. After you complete the quiz all of the outfits you receive and your experience online is made just for you! As a runner, I would receive totally different pieces than a friend who is into body building. It takes just about two minutes!

National Steel Car: Hamilton’s Treasure

Since 1994, National Steel Car, a freight car engineering and manufacturing plant, has been an inspiration to all companies showing that even though they see momentary decline, it is possible to rise back up to the top once again. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car is a beacon in its community. Workers and their families benefit greatly from not only a meaningful job within their city, but they work for a company that is dedicated to giving back. The reason that National Steel Car is so committed to charity and good works is because of its CEO Gregory James Aziz. It was important for James Aziz to create a company he was proud of, but to do that he needed to make sure that they were also a company that the community could be proud of.


Greg Aziz received his degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario. Born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949, Aziz had his entire future ahead of him. His family had been the founding members of the wholesale grocery supply company Affiliated Foods. Affiliated Foods had earned an international reputation after they started importing fresh food from Europe, Central America, and South America. No one else in their industry had ever attempted to do such a thing and they did it with a mark of unmatched quality.


When Aziz left Affiliated Foods, he was looking for something all his own. National Steel Car had been looking for something to, a leader that could make it great again. In 1994, Aziz purchased National Steel Car and began growing the company. In just two years the company started earning awards and certifications for the high-quality rolling stock that they produced. They started earning a reputation for superb goods at reasonable prices and their customer base grew exponentially. James Aziz grew the workforce of National Steel Car from the original 600 workers to over 3,000 workers. This allowed the company to start producing 12,000 cars per year instead of the 3,500 they were initially capable of producing.


In addition to running a successful company, Aziz has also been committed to giving back to the community as mentioned previously. His company helps organize food drives, partners with charitable organizations, and is a patron for several community centers in Hamilton. Aziz knows where he wants to go in life, but he will never forget were National Steel Car started. The people of Hamilton truly have a community treasure in National Steel Car and Gregory Aziz. Get Additional Information Here.


Talk Fusion Introduces New Video Conferencing Software

Communicating with large groups of people over the internet has just become more accessible. Talk Fusion has upgraded its Live Meetings software by adding WebRTC technology. The new application features a refreshed interface, sharper video, splendidly clear audio, and maximized security for its users. This upgrade represents Talk Fusions commitment to bringing innovation to the marketplace. Talk Fusion is the only company offering voice and video WebRTC benefits to audiences of 500 or more people. Talk Fusion would like to be first every time a new technology is available, but the company says that it will never sacrifice quality and reliability to do so.


The WebRTC upgrade to Live Meetings marks the second instance where Talk Fusion has made use of this new browser-based technology. In the recent past Talk Fusion’s Video Chat software also began using WebRTC. The company has been recognized, on more than one occasion by the internet communication industry, for the exceptionally innovative manner in which the WebRTC technology has been employed to provide communication solutions. The information technology team at Talk Fusion intends to continue to function on the cutting edge of what is possible just as the company has been doing since its inception.


In 2007 CEO Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion. A pure desire to help the world communicate better, through the power of video, is what inspired Mr. Reina to create the company. Not only that but to do it in such a way where it could improve the lives of many also. Bob Reina was so committed to his vision that he left a promising career as a police officer after having completed his degree in criminology at the University of South Florida.


Many of Bob Reina’s closest friends and family members thought he was making a colossal mistake by leaving his steady paycheck. However, he had experience in network marketing, having participated in several MLM ventures on the side during his time on the police force. Besides he had done his homework thoroughly. Having sought the advice of his friend Johnathan Chen, an information technology genius, he knew that he could create a video e-mail application. Thus Video e-mail, the company’s first product came to be and Talk Fusion was born. Bob Reina has not looked back since.


Today Talk Fusion is a company which offers its all-in-one video marketing tools in no less than 140 countries. The company has a direct marketing sales force of hundreds of thousands of independent associates. The company’s products offer customers an engaging way to interact with their clients using video advertising. Ever since he established Talk Fusion in 2007, CEO Bob Reina has stressed the need to give back. He is a philanthropist and has given generously to causes dear to him, including the Humane Society and an orphanage in Indonesia. Bob Reina believes that the more you have, the more you should do to help others. Learn more:





Why Should Online Retail Store Owners Use Ecommerce Personalization?

As of recent, Ecommerce Personalization has become one of the most innovative ways of increasing a websites earnings potential. This is because Ecommerce Personalization has become one of the most creative ways to actively influence the purchases that the consumers makes. By capturing the data that makes up the individual’s buying and spending habits in advance, the retailer’s algorithm can then analyze the results to see how they can impact the next purchases. In fact, by using this strategy, merchants can make a lot more money than only targeting a large audience. In particular, the large target audiences that may or may not buy the products being sold. Therefore, for merchants who want to make sure that they are maximizing their profits, it is very important that they are understanding what this type of marketing strategies consists of today.

Finding out how the personalization strategies affect the individual’s spending is not always easy. So, people who work in this kind of retail establishments will need to do their research on the pros of incorporating this kind of marketing strategy. With this statement in mind, here are some things that you need to know about incorporating ecommerce personalization into a new website.

Campaigns Continues to Drive Loyal Customers to the Site

Dissimilar to some of the marketing campaigns that require the involvement of huge target audiences, personalization techniques is designed to zero in on the individual customers that are most likely to buy a specific product. For instance, if a customer has purchased a specific brand of jeans, there is a great chance that the same individual may buy the same type and brand again. Therefore, these are proven strategies that work over and over again.

Consumers Like to Be Guided through the Process of Buying with a Personal touch

Based on the latest research, ecommerce personalization is a powerful tool and it is being used by the some of the top companies in this industry. With artificial intelligence involved, these tools are becoming essential and intricate part of increasing sales and conversion rates. This is because these retail stores are not only providing the products that the customer needs, they are also recommending other items as the individual customer shops around. With this type of customer engagement, one of the main benefits is ensuring the customer buys things that they do not always think of when they are filling up their ecommerce shopping carts.

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Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’ I airport (airport code is FGI) is located in Apia,Samoa. FGI is owned by Polynesian airlines and operated by Polynesian airlines as well. Polynesian airlines is the only server to the Fagali’ I airport because this will give the Samoa government more control over Samoa based privately owned airways.

FGI was restored and reopened and resumed business 2009 after being closed for safety reasons. Before it was reopened Fagali’ I airport had a grass strip landing. The airline that carries the most flights out of Fagali’I is Ostfriesische Lufttransport. Ostfriesische Lufttransport flies over 403 flights every month. When booking your flight, using a websites like Travelocity, and Expedia, can be used to your advantage when trying to save some time and money.

Travelocity will search for the best flights and nearby hotels in your destination if you choose to stay in a hotel. The price will include the total cost of the flight, one way or round trip, along with the price of the hotel for however many nights you choose to stay. on Expedia they tell you were you can et rental cars and also gives a lot of tips and answers questions people may have about Fagali’ I airport according to

Before getting to the airport make sure to check your flight time, as well as your flight status at FGI to determine if there are any changes in your itinerary. When preparing to fly with FGI they suggest to make yourself aware of the check in process as well as baggage policies according to This will just ensure you’ll have an idea of how things work and your time at Fagali’I will go much smoother. Arriving early will give you a chance to make sure you have everything, to grab some food and to find parking. Also if you need to be able to park your car while on your trip, FGI has long term parking available that is secure for your vehicle. Wen arrivin early keep in mind that it is suggested by most airports to arrive 2 hours early for a domestic flight and 3 hours early for an international flight.

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Rick Smith Helps Securus Technologies to Complete the Acquisition and Integration of JPay

Securus Technologies is the leading innovator in the prison technology industry as it always works on efficient solutions that are reflecting the trends of the current times for its customers. One of the biggest reasons for the success of the firm is its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith. During the period 2013-16, he made the company investing $600 million in technology, including acquisition, patent, and more. One of the most successful acquisitions was JPay stock purchase agreement in 2015. JPay was a technology firm focusing on electronic payments, educational apps, email services, and entertainment solutions targeting correctional ecosystem. Recently, the integration of JPay into the Securus environment was completed under the leadership of Smith.

After the acquisition, Rick Smith responded that the transaction would make Securus dominant in the quickly growing segments of corrections, including email, payments, and inmate tablets. He also added that the deal has helped Securus to be equipped to provide anything in correction ecosystem, especially to run a modern prison. Smith also added that he and his team were watching the growth of JPay during the years with a lot of admiration as the payment solution provider was deeply focused on technology innovation. He confirmed that the integration of services and solutions could significantly create a best-priced choice with highest security and innovation to the customers in the industry. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

Even Ryan Shapiro, the then CEO of JPay, also confirmed that being into the platform of Securus would give wider market for the products and solutions of the firm. He added that since Rick Smith Securus found to be fascinated by the company culture and management team, JPay management sees taking its vision forward an easy job. Interestingly, Rick Smith laid plans to keep JPay as an individual organization under the arm of Securus while the solutions are integrated to ensure more effective services. While coming to Securus, it serves in all the major correction centers, over 2,600, across North America. The leadership of Rick Smith helped the firm to expand its market and introduce new solutions that can accurately fit the needs of incarceration and enforcement agencies. Read more on

In 2016, Securus published the letters from prison authorities that were praising the solutions offered by the firm. Smith confirmed that it releases product and services development proposals to various prison authorities at least once in a week to help the correctional agencies and law enforcement to solve crimes. He added that the company receives thousands of letters from different customers and enforcement agencies describing how the solutions of the firm helped them to employ the enforcement and incarceration services. Smith continued that safety has been added to the DNA of Securus to be socially responsible and serve the community.

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