DeVos Moving Forward!

Dick and Betsy DeVos’ personal giving life is no secret, nor is it pulled to the side – especially by the attention of the local media all around. When it comes to a deep and true spirit of philanthropy that stems from the very roots of one’s good heart and solid virtues, then there is no denying that Dick and his wife stand at the top of the list. The couple has donated more millions of dollars in the last three decades alone than they know what to do with, and that’s not all: According to Dick, as he was recently interviewed once again by the presses, both he and his wife still have a long ways to go if they seek to make a world of difference all across America – heck, even beyond the beautiful USA. There are always people who need help and good causes who back them, according to the Devoses.


In face, Dick and Betsy stand as no less than pillars in the world of charitable contributions; they have perhaps topped the list of philanthropists on a mission and only further continue to declare their plans to continue making a difference for generations to come. They believe that those who are given much must become responsible to give much in return, a fine motto to suit their philanthropic actions of so many years thus far. They see it not only as their burden and responsibility to give back as is needed but their divine calling and a core part of their life’s very purpose – not to mention their pride and joy on a personal scale as those who love to give and not take are truly the happiest people in this life – according to the DeVoses.


Not only have Dick and Betsy been top forerunners for charitable giving, but they have made sure to raise their kids in the proper manner – not only in regards to being kind, polite, courteous good students who are loved by all but also people who care about the needs of others and generously show it by giving out of their hearts’ content. Dick and Betsy’s offspring have, in fact, been occasional motivators in pushing their parents to give more than the allotted or planned amounts, telling them that they can give even more. Such generosity should motivate all of us to excel and to push ourselves past the pre-defined limits so often imposed – even in the world of charities.


In fact, the more one gives, the happier and more relieved he or she will feel. This is Dick DeVos’s belief. Share.


Dick is a proud American. He’s a well-known public figure. He gives to politics.


Walmart Committed to Saving You Money on the Best Beneful Products

Beneful is among the many brands of dog food that Walmart carries. Walmart is committed to making sure you get your money’s worth when you purchase Beneful. Walmart sells Beneful for less than most food markets, even with the special discounts most markets offer.

You can buy Beneful wet dog food at Walmart for less than $2 a container. A six pack of Beneful wet dog food can run you a little more than $10. The cost of Beneful dry dog food at Walmart depends on the size of the bag. For example, 15.5 lb bags of dry Beneful dog food that sell for $13.98 a bag, are 9O cents per pound on average. If you get a 40lb bag of dry dog for $33.99, that will be an average of 85 cents a pound. Walmart sells Beneful original brand with real salmon, but unfortunately, they don’t have the healthy weight option. If enough customers suggest that Beneful produce a healthy weight option of real salmon, then Beneful will manufacture that product.

You have a choice to visit the local Walmart or order online. If you order online and pick up your dog food on the same day, you will get $10 off on your first order. You can always go to the Walmart site and print out coupons. For example, with a coupon you can save $3.00 on Beneful Grain-free dry dog food. Walmart has an online coupon where you can buy two tubs of Beneful wet dog food for the price of one. You can check your local paper for when Walmart announces their sales and rollbacks. Walmarts roll backs usually take place during holiday sales.

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Traveling Vineyard: Best Wine Routes In France

If you are one of the wine funs, there are several ways for you to taste different flavors. Some people will choose to purchase different wine bottles from their neighboring Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, while other will buy one from the grocery store. However, it is crucial to try some new wines if you happen to travel to the French countryside.

France is known for its fine wine. The climate and soil in the country are optimally balanced for the growth of healthy grapes. This country has been making good quality wine for many centuries, and it is famed for its products. The citizens of the country consider wine as their culture. Many people travel to France every day so that they can sample the wine and travel wine routes. Almost all the locations have the delicious liquid in their disposal.

If you have an opportunity to tour the wine country, you will have a lot of activities to enjoy. This is because you will sample some of the most prestigious wine brands that open their yards to the general public. The companies offer wine tastings, tours and other activities. The small vintners in the area are required to open bed and breakfast where the public can get an idea about the wine making procedure. When visiting the smaller cellars, people get a closer look at the intimate wine making process.

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Traveling Vineyard has been in the wine industry for a long time, and it has a team of experts who understand wine perfectly. Dealing with professionals makes the wine industry more profitable and enjoyable. Travel Vineyard believes that these are the best wines in France at the moment.

Champagne is considered to be a unique wine in France. It is located very close to Paris. If you want to access the region, you will not need to travel to the rural areas. If you visit the areas, wine makers such as Champagne Tribaut, Champagne Aspasie and Champagne Fallet Dartwill give you the experience you need.

Just like most of the wine routes in France, the Alsace area is picturesque. To enjoy the visit, even more, plan to visit at the end of October so that you can be part of the wine festivals that motivate the region to come into life.

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Get To Know Entrepreneurial Power House Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer

Who is Eduardo Melzer?

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer (Nickname: Duda) was born in the Brazilian municipality of Porto Alegre on May 13, 1972. His grandfather is Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho who is the founder of RBS Group. Being a third generation Sirotsky he was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and has developed into an imminent factor in the business sector. He is actively the chairman of the board of directors and president of the RBS Group. He is the founder and chairman of Digital e.Bricks.

Scholastic And Art Career

* Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS)

* Harvard Business School

* The Mercosul Biennial – an international contemporary art exhibition

Mr. Melzer began his career as Director General for the RBS Group’s National Market in 2004. In the same year, he became the Managing Director of non-traditional media company BoxTop Media in New York City. He then earned a position in Brazil as RBS Group’s Vice President of Market and Business Development in 2008. Two years later he was promoted to Executive Vice-President of the RBS Group. By 2012 He was the Chairman of the RBS Group and the founder and Chairman of e.Bricks Digital. The following year he became a partner of e.Bricks Ventures and kept building. He became chairman of the RBS Group in 2016. In 2017 he was given the honor of being recognized by being added to the “17 Next Generation Family Business Leaders to Follow in 2017”. This list is formulated by the Cambridge Institute on behalf of Family Enterprise. Check out Valor for more info.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Awards:

*2006 Caboré Prize

*Professional Highlight 2009 of the Brazilian Association of Advertising (ABP)

*2011 Coletiva.Net Award

*Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015

*Merit in Administration Prize 2015

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is on the rise with a hunger for success. You can subscribe on YouTube.

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Why Clearabee Is an Outstanding Rubbish Removal Company in London

When it comes to Rubbish Removal, Clearabee is your ultimate company. Clients in London and the surrounding areas are all in praise of this amazing company that settles all their rubbish worries. Clearabee is an established Rubbish Removal company that has many vans on site to cover your needs at any time of the day. Upon the client reaching Clearabee, you are assured of the same day service. Their responsive support team is always there for you once you call them.

Clearabee does not fancy outsourcing, and hence most of the client’s requests are done by them unless and issues force them to use the services of another firm. Clearabee is known for their dedication to Rubbish Removal is evident in their long working hours. Clearabee offices are open for the service of Rubbish Removal six days a week including early morning hours and late-night hours.

Clearabee has gained recognition in London due to them having no congestion charges. They have however managed to divert 100% of the rubbish they collect from the landfills hence making them eco-friendly and affordable. In case you have rubbish in your place of stay or work, call their support, and you will be advised accordingly. They will come on site, assess the rubbish and then price you appropriately.

Mike Heiligenstein Initiates the Construction of MoPac Lanes Express to Ease Traffic in Austin Texas

In 2015, American Statesman raised an infrastructural issue in Austin Texas. Through Viewpoints Editorial, it was established that poor roads have contributed to congestion and traffic. In the article, the American-Statesman highlighted the importance of involving the government in the construction of smart roads. The statement further stressed that the community needs technology to have smooth roads that will reduce traffic.


Statesman Plight


In response to the fate of the community through the American-Statesman, Mike Heiligenstein said that the agency is aware of the poor roads in Austin and that just like the roads they have constructed, there was a plan to develop smart roads for smooth traffic. Mike did not hesitate to thank the Statesman for highlighting the issue of bad roads. He also added that the agency was in charge of implementing high technology to develop roads. He said that through the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, there would be a MoPac Project to better infrastructure.


Statement Release


Mike is in charge of the MoPac project. He said that the agency is in office to offer mobility solutions just like in the case of 183A Toll. The 183A Toll was built in Cedar Park as well as Leander. These roads have had a positive impact on the community as many businesses have expanded through the smooth traffic. Also, the agency built a 290 toll road in Austin and Manor. This road assisted in developing the people holding capacity as well as improving nontoll lanes. Since the Texas Mobility Authority is not a private agency, it takes care of the interests of the local citizens.




The Mobility Authority’s mission is to innovate strategies towards the building of smart roads. The new MoPac project the agency is rebuilding will incorporate variable tolling lanes. The lanes are meant to utilize sophisticated technology to help in traffic control. The variable toll lanes will also synchronize the supply as well as the demand of citizens to control traffic. According to Mike, the Express Lanes will be in motion even if the main roads are congested.


Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein is the president of Mobility Authority. This is an independent agency. The company’s mission is implementing smart as well as innovative infrastructure for better transportation roads. Under the insightful leadership of Mike Heiligenstein, the board is responsible for implementing policies, projects as well as strategies that ensure the agency is taking care of the interests of citizens.


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Jason Hope’s Futuristic Abilities Regarding The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope believes the future is in the Internet of Things. The latest tech trends have made him a futurist, a writer, a commentator and an entrepreneur. He writes about the subject and feels the Internet of Things is the biggest thing that has ever hit the tech industry. He has become regarded as an authority on the future of technology.The term the Internet of Things is in reference to new technology that connects an assortment of devices with one another. Devices such as cars, street lights and electronic devices. He believes the future will become reliant on devices that use the same network and data to increase efficiency.

Jason Hope is certain the Internet of Things will become the largest investment corporations will have. He states that all possible devices will one day be connected together. He has explained that what is a convenience now will eventually become the only way to move forward. He believes in the future cellphones will be used as part of an every day routine and companies will be in competition to see who can create the next application that will effect consumers.Jason Hope talks about embracing smart technology because it has the ability to eliminate waste and make life safer.

Trains can receive better monitoring, public bus routes can be mapped and road congestion eased. When more people use public transportation it will have a positive impact on pollution and traffic accidents. Rural areas will benefit as well as cities with faster emergency responses and improved accident tracking.

Jason Hope’s reputation has been well earned. He is highly skilled as a futurist. His understanding and passion for technology helps him make insightful and accurate predictions regarding the future of technology. He believes the Internet of Things will be a critical player in modern societies future as more and more devices connect.Jason Hope’s insights and advice in regards to technology has been helpful to both individuals and modern businesses. He helps them understand how to capitalize on future technologies. He grew up in Arizona and has a finance degree from Arizona State University along with an MBA from the Carey School of Business.

Goeorge Soros: Founder of the Open Source Foundations

George Soros is considered as one of the most prominent United States-based business professional. According to him, he has always wanted to develop his capabilities as one of the best professionals in the world of business and strategy. For this reason, nothing comes out clear and louder than those who are willing to attain the most sophisticated business solutions in the industry. George Soros has promised to develop fast working solutions in a way that is not paralleled in the industry. For those who need further professional experience, be sure to contact George Soros as the best source of prominent capabilities. Read his profile at Business Insider.

George Soros is considered as one of the world largest philanthropists. For all his years in the world, George Soros has issued more than $12 billion as a management capability where business is always related to independent solutions. If you are working to attain better business capabilities, be sure to develop your intentions the industry. George Soros was born in Hungary. During that time, there were limited sources of finance. For this reason, he went forth to get predetermined in the world of capability and management solutions. During that time, the country was suffering from the Nazi Occupation that was responsible for the killing of more than 300 people in the country.

The Nazi Occupation was looking for military ways to eradicate the Jewish communities from that region. In this case, no one knows how to develop fast income through the facilitated business opportunities that never cease to amaze those who are looking for independent solutions. The Nazi Occupation is responsible for the death of more than 10,000 people during the time when George Soros was a Hungarian citizen. During that time, the only way one could secure a lifetime in the country was to secure false identities and develop animated capabilities as a way of independent solution-making deals.

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George Soros worked hard to survive the Nazi Occupation where he developed fast working capabilities to initiate better business deals. He secured the false identities to help his family evade the Nazi Occupation. He also worked hard to secure the false identities to help other people in the country to secure the false identities. George Soros completed his high school education in the country. When he graduated from high school, he went with his family to London. He also worked at a local railway station as a waiter to look for school fees. Learn more on about George Soros.

George Soros joined the London School of Business. During that time, his grades from high school were sufficient to land him in a business school. For this reason, no one knew about the general business solutions. When he completed his education, George Soros secured a voyage to the United States.

Eric Pulier, the Linguist with a Mind Keen Enough to Impact the Digital Innovativation Progress.

It would be correct to say that the worlds of innovative IT and progressive technology have always relied on brilliant and charismatic individuals to rally the common people for a particular invention to gain acceptance and funding. It is a well-known fact that Microsoft would have never be as big as they are now had it not been for the people skills that Bill Gates had and the scientific mastery of Paul Allen. Eric Pulier is one such individual. The American economy would not have reached the milestones it has yet if the e-visionaries he represents were dormant and shy to pitch their ideas. They have brought digital innovation and cutting edge efficiency in arranging and managing data. The most interesting about this e-visionary though, he has never prepared for the science world in academic institutions. He Went to Havard to study the Arts, more precisely, English as a language.

Eric Pulier made his mark in the world of technology decades ago. His presence continues to dominate the e-commerce seen, with hundreds of millions of dollars deeply entrenched in the profitable functioning of the many companies that has funded, founded or co-founded. Some of the venture-backed companies that he has played major roles in bringing to life include MediaPlatform, Desktone, SOA Software and US Media Interactive LLC. The US Media Interactive LLC was initially just the US Interactive LLC. Pulier had founded a company called Digital Digital Evolution in 1994. The two companies merged in 1998 and Pulier played a leading role in the merger before being chosen to lead the presidential technology exhibit during the 1998 Presidential Inauguration. His milestones are greatly attributed to his ability to identify e-commerce opportunities and his overwhelming ability to pitch it to world leaders and the masses as well.

All Eric Pulier ever wanted to do as a kid was helping the less fortunate in the world. His wit and grit have always taken him far with his accomplished jouney. He has remained constant in his efforts to make the world a better place through raising firms companies capable of reaping big returns for the people. He has partnered with numerous charitable organization to dispense his philanthropy. He has furnished the Multiple Sclerosis with critical information about their conditions through his IT-network. He is a multi-faceted and accomplished author, investor, innovator and philanthropist. Find out more about Eric Pullier:

Realizing NAACP’s Goals Will Be Easy When Members Emulate the Exemplary Qualities of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Civil right advocates like Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are difficult to come by these days. These fellows displayed the stuff they are made of in an ordeal they had with County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

They got to know of the human right threatening dealings of the County and a couple of grand jury proceedings put in place to shield the County from facing the wrath of the law. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida

The County was angry and arranged for these men to be bundled out of their homes late in the night. Lacey and Larkin, in turn, sued the County and demanded $3.75 as damages. The case came up for hearing in the United State Court of Appeal with our fellow civil right advocates coming out victorious.

What endears these fellows to many who got wind of the case was the fact that the money paid for damages ($3.75) was dedicated to assisting migrants’ right groups in Arizona. Initially, their detractors were condemning them thinking they will appropriate the money for private uses. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Lacey and Larkin proved beyond all reasonable doubts that they love seeing men and women liberated than having fat bank accounts. Both are men of like minds; together, they co-founded Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

Men like Lacey and Jim Larkin are in high demand in most of the civil right groups including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Today, it is uncommon to find dedicated NAACP’s members ready to stake all for the purpose of realizing the goals and objectives of the organization.

Lacey and Larkin gave all without expecting any reward. These two fellows knew from the outset that the steps they were taking will bring some form of discomfort, but for the sake of the rights of the innocent, they chose not to look back.

To the issue of funds for executing the programs of civil right groups, the decision to assist these groups with the money showed that Lacey and Larkin understands what civil advocacy organizations are facing. Many NAACP’s members lack this understanding, and there is no way any meaningful progress can be recorded without funds. Members need to provide necessary financial support. That way, actualizing the goals of the organization will not be a tall task.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is a body out to ensure the equality of colored and non-colored people in all facets of life.

There are still much race-based discriminations in the country, and it is time we all stand up against them. These are the major goals and objectives of NAACP.