The Copa Star Defines A New Approach In Hospital Administration

The role of the hospital has been the same for many generations. However, over the past few decades, the way that people view the hospital has changed. The hospital has become a business in the eyes of many people that helps people with medical needs. The view of the hospital by many people use to be that the hospital was a medical facility that helped people who had medical issues. While most of the view of the hospital is the same, there is one important aspect that has changed over the past few years. The idea of the hospital as a business has altered the way people perceive the hospital.

Although this is a shift in the view of the hospital, it is not negative because the hospital administration in many hospitals has shifted the focus of the hospital to include the business side of what goes on in the hospital. One of the primary reasons that there has been a shift in how hospital administration looks at the role of the hospital is because the type of administrators in charge of many hospitals has changed. There are numerous hospitals that are placing none medical executives in charge of hospitals. The executives do not have a background in the medical profession. The executives have a business background. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

In many cases, hospital executives with a business background tend to run hospitals in a business manner. This has been a shift that has been happening in the hospital environment for several years. As some hospitals move to a more business approach, other things about these hospitals will begin to change. One of the most noticeable will be the appearance of the hospitals. A look into the future of some hospitals may already be occurring. In Brazil, a new hospital called the Copa Star is receiving a lot of attention from around the world based on several things.

Many of those things revolve around the appearance of the Hospital Copa Star. There are few hospitals in the world that look like the Copa Star. The Copa Star was built with the idea of looking like a high end hotel that brings luxury to its visitors. The owners of the Copa Star want the concept of luxury to be what people think about when they think about the Copa Star.

The cost of the Copa Star brings the reality of the hospital into view. Many people who come up to the Copa Star initially may not think of it as a hospital because of the luxury appearance. However, the Copa Star provides some of the best medical equipment, technology, and medical staff available in Brazil.

The idea of the Copa Star is a new age in hospital design for hospitals. As new hospitals are built, the concept of the Copa Star may spread to other hospitals. View the design at

Betsy Devos Dedicated 30 Years to Making Sure Kids Will Have Good Choices In Education

Betsy DeVos was nominated by President Donald J. Trump to be the eleventh secretary of education, and was confirmed by Congress in February. However, this is not the first time Betsy DeVos is dealing with education issues. For over thirty years, Betsy has dedicated herself to finding solutions for the education system in the United States and helping children get a fine education.

Her mother taught in a public school, and when Betsy had to send her own children to school, she realized that there are not that many opportunities for some children. She even helped children personally; she mentored at a public school for kids who were at risk for fifteen years. She works hard to make sure that there are choices for children in the educational system in all states.

Betsy Devos is excited about the new choices made possible by vouchers for private schools, In fact, there are now around a quarter of a million children learning in such schools in various states. Her husband Dick also got involved in education. He was elected for the Board of Education in Michigan. She founded a fund that helped children have more access to various choices and schools. She served on the board of two charities that work hard to make sure that children have proper educational opportunities. These were American Education Reform Council and Children First America. In fact, she and Dick managed to help pass the first law in Michigan that would provide vouchers and aid to private schools. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

She has been involved in politics for a long time. She was the chairwoman of the Republican Party in the state of Michigan. She started the Great Lakes Education Project, but she quickly realized that this was something she had to do for kids all over the country, which is why she started the American Federation for Children. It has connections with Alliance for School Choice, and they both help children get access to schools where they would succeed and feel comfortable.

Florida was a state where the school choice initiative became very popular and successful. Indiana and other states are also good examples of her success. Besides for school choice, she also believes that it should not be that all children automatically get placed in schools in their own zip codes. Sometimes, these schools are not the best for the kids and other schools would do a better job for that particular child. Charter schools and even homeschooling are other parts of her school choice program. In fact, Dick started West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a popular charter school. Betsy studied at Calvin College. There, she earned her bachelor of arts. She has 4 children and 6 grandchildren.


Robert Santiago: There Can Never Be Enough Malls

Roberto Santiago is a man who clearly understands what a shopping mall is all about. Mangabeira Mall offers more than a structure with a cluster of shops but a wonderful out-of-this-world shopping experience. Additionally, just in case you get tired of walking around exploring the over 300 stores, you can always catch a breather and watch a movie after lunch in one of the several restaurants offering choice cuisines.

Robert Santiago created a mammoth masterpiece located at Av. Hilton, Souto Maior in the capital of Paraiba. The Mangabeira was inaugurated in 2014 by both the Mayor of Paraiba Mr.Luciano Cartaxo and the Governor Ricardo Coutino.

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Mangabeira is a contemporary shopping mall that has 210 satellite stores, 17 main anchor stores, and 7 mini anchor stores. The shopping mall offers over 4,500 employment opportunities. It is co-owned by Roberto Santiago and his partner Alberto Wanderlay.

The Mangabeira is the only mall in Brazil that offers 3350 parking slots. Inadequate parking is the least of client’s worries, but rather the all too important decision of which movie theater to attend first. Given that not everybody fancies shopping, kids can especially get restless; as such, six movie theaters all offering the latest Hollywood production on 3D screen exist.

Well, if you are not the movie type, you can while away the time at the seven bowling areas and try a hand or two in it. You never know, it could turn out to be one of those things you accidentally discover about yourself. The children’s playground has to be the best thing for both shopping parents and their kids, not mentioning the huge game arcade with other 200 gaming machines.

Roberto Santiago is at home with malls and real estate. In 1989, he developed the Manaira Mall, located at Joao Pessoa, the largest mall in the area to date. The Manaira mall has undergone five expansion facelifts as the demand for more shopping spots is ever increasing. The Domus Hall oozes an aura of sophistication. The hall consists of state-of-the-art acoustic and sound equipment. Domus Hall is located on the rooftop, housed in a two-storey building with a 10,000 sitting capacity and a VIP area on the upper floor.

Mr. Santiago is a Brazilian investor, who started out in a Cartonnage industry where he specialized in the manufacture of decorative pieces. Previously, he worked at the Cafe Santa Rosa. He is an alumnus of University Center of Joao Pessoa and holds a business administration degree. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

Success Registered by InnovaCare Health During Rick Shinto’s Reign

InnovaCare Health is the leading service provider in quality healthcare courses. They concentrate their service to the underserved residents of North America. InnovaCare is recognized for their zeal in working towards redefining the healthcare community. To achieve their goals, they tend to build concepts that unify coordination, innovation, quality, as well as cost-effectiveness. Rick Shinto serves in the facility as the CEO and has done pretty much in his tenure. InnovaCare’s vision focuses on initiating active patient-servicer relations, which they implement in all their subsidiary companies. Their quality-driven services concentrate on the customer. Precisely, the entire staff members live by satisfying their client-base. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Details About Rick’s Profession and Education Background

Rick Shinto is an inspiring scholar. He holds a medical bachelor’s degree from the California University, as well as two B.S degrees from the State University of New York. Dr. Shinto also takes pride in an M.B.A earned from the University of Redlands. His proficiency in the operational and clinical healthcare is unmatched. It is over twenty years since he started his endeavors in the said industry. As such, Rick is such an instrumental figure at InnovaCare Health. Before assuming his post there, he worked at PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare as the Chief Executive Officer. Again, while at Medical Pathways Management Company, Shinto served as the Chief Medical Officer and the COO. Dr. Shinto is also a distinguished entrepreneur. He even won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year award in 2011.

Crucial Information Regarding Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare’s COO/CAO

Penelope serves at InnovaCare as the Chief Administrative Officer. Her bid for the position went through with ease, following her great experience. She possesses experience of over twenty years in governmental programs. Some of the areas that have had her touch include the Medicare, Medicaid, and the managed care industries. Before joining InnovaCare Health, she was serving at Centerlight Health System, where she was the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Precisely, Penelope Kokkinides is informed and bears unmatched experience in development of healthcare models.

Basics Surrounding What InnovaCare Health Does

InnovaCare Health Solutions provides healthcare coverage services. They have more than 7,500 staff members, where they serve a base of about 200,000 clients. Their two primary care avenues are the Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs. The company endeavors in creating sustainable, cost-effective, and ultimately unified services. They also highly incline towards modern day technology, which helps them a lot in designing perfect models.

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Kim Dao Tries on Kimonos in Asakusa

Australian YouTuber Kim Dao recently posted a video in which she shows off her favorite kimono fashion in Asakusa, Japan. Asakuso is a district in the Taitō region of Tokyo well-known for Sensō-ji, one of Japan’s most historic Buddhist temples. Asakuso is also home to a large number of other temples, each of which holds at least one annual festival.


Kim Dao paid a visit to the unique destination with her friend Tim in order to give him a genuine taste of Japanese culture. The two had lunch at a traditional restaurant in Asakuso before purchasing kimonos to wear for an authentic Japanese cultural experience. Later, at the kimono shop, Tim mischievous encouraged Kim to get the flashiest garment she could. Kim Dao and Tim did some casual sightseeing around the town’s main street and then went to Sensō-ji temple for a photo keepsake.


Later on that evening, the pair headed to Sky Tree, Tokyo’s famous broadcast and observation tower, where they picked up a few souvenirs at the gift shop. Kim Dao and Tim parted ways, and before returning home, she stopped by a close friend’s house to chat and catch up a bit.


Although her sojourn into Asakusa was complicated a bit by the fact that she had to record her entry on her phone, she nonetheless had a great time and the video was well received by her fans. Kim Dao loves sharing the vast richness of Japanese culture with her friends from Australia, Korea, and beyond.

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Jason Hope’s Biography And His Say On The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope has established himself as an investor, frequent writer, and commentator about technological trends, thus, a big believer in Internet of Things.

He recently wrote about Internet of Things in details at Tech Co, calling it the biggest advancement wave to hit the industry.

The article he wrote is considered one of the most promising authorities on how the new technology is unveiling. The Internet of Things talks of connected technology that allows many devices to synchronize. This makes devices connecting with the same network to share data hence increasing performance and efficiency.

Jason Hope explains that Internet of Things can completely change the way business works and how it will be the most notable advancement in the future of the technology industry. Hope believes that the Internet of Things is quite influential and it is likely to be the biggest investment that the world’s largest corporations will rely on. He states that it crucial for stakeholders to try to be up to date with this because the world will now focus on interconnected devices. Jason believes that in just a few years, Internet of Things will be the only way forward. He predicts competition among major companies that will be trying to create most useful and relevant apps for users to engage in their daily lived across a variety of different devices.

Smart technology and Internet of Things for society in general will, therefore, have the ability to do away with a lot of waste and make daily lives safer. Also, the public transportation has improved through Internet of Things. Better monitoring of trains and real-time mapping of public transport routes, for instance, has led to the elimination of dangerous conditions on the roads and it will improve more if Internet of Things continues to create apps. Jason believes that there will be reduced congestion, less pollution, and fewer traffic accidents. His optimism with the Internet of Things and its power to improve our lives is well-grounded.

Jason Hope’s Background Information

Jason is an actor born in Liverpool, England. He grew in Tempe before getting a degree in finance at the Arizona State University. He also has his MBA from ASU WP Carey Business School. Jason is interested in politics linked to business in the state of Arizona and the whole country.

Jason has a passion for technology and gives back to the community. He researches and writes often on Internet of Things. He has also earned a name as a futurist who has a clear technological grasp that he uses to monitor the industry and make informed projections.

Hope trusts the ability of technology to be an integral part of our future with more and more of our life depending on connected devices and the internet of things.