Change of Guard at CP+B after Lori Senecal steps down as the Global CEO

Lori Senecal is a top-notch entrepreneur who is known globally for her exceptional marketing ideas and skills. Lori Senecal has a strong personality and has played a significant role in the development of unique and innovative technological advancements in the financial world. She is an alumnus of McGill University. She learned crucial marketing skills which have boosted her career.

She previously worked as the Chairperson of the board at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS). She also served as the firm’s CEO and President since 2009. According to Media Post, she helped KBS expand a great deal and achieve financial growth. KBS currently employs more than a thousand employees and has a global presence. She also worked in New York with the McCann Group as the Chief Innovations Officer where once again she demonstrated exemplary performance and rose to the position of President McCann-Erickson.

She has been the Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) since 2015. At the firm, she was in charge of the company’s operations, growth and development in all the regional offices. CP+B has seen tremendous growth with Lori Senecal as the CEO. According to Advertising Age, the company registered a 21% revenue growth in 2016. She has won lucrative deals with big market players like American Airlines, Xbox, American Express, Vanguard, BMW, Coca-Cola, Pay Pal, HomeGoods, and Hershey. For instance, the business with American Airlines increased CP+B’s global presence.

In 2016, she led CP+B to win in the Creativity Innovations of the Year at the Advertising Age awards. What’s more, she was among Advertising Age’s Women to Watch in 2014. Lori was also one of the four promising Agency Executives in 2016, claims

Lori Senecal will soon relinquish her title as the Global Chief Executive Officer of CP+B. On Bloomberg, Lori insists the move should not come as a surprise to anyone as she, together with Chairman, Chuck Porter, had designed the exit plan as early as 2015 when she was new at CP+B. Mr. Porter described Lori Senecal as an accomplished executive who had achieved so much for CP+B. He added that Lori had not lost any client during the period she was CEO.

Securus’ Amazing CEO: Rick Smith

On June 23, 2008, Richard A. Smith assumed the position of President and CEO of Securus Technologies, Inc. Previously, he served in various capacities at Eschelon Telecom Inc including its President, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Executive Officer in a stint extending from 1998 to 2003. Before joining Eschelon, Smith worked at Global Crossing as its Financial Management Vice President as well as in various capacities. Rick holds an associate degree in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo, a Master’s in Mathematics from SUNY, Brockport, and an MBA from the University of Rochester, Simon School.At Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has served as its CEO since January 2009 and its director since June 2008. Stakeholders reviewed his appointment as CEO of Securus positively. A significant majority endorsed Rick Smith due to his focus, self-drive, experience, and his stellar academic qualifications.

Rick provides constant drive and leadership at Securus in satisfying the needs of the correctional services community. His practical approach resulted in the use of technology by correctional facilities to deliver incident management, biometric analysis, investigation, inmate communications, monitoring, and self services.His tenure at Securus has elevated the company into a reliable provider of prison communication systems across the US and Canada. With these techniques, prisons and inmates can have contact with visitors resulting in tremendous cost savings, increased security, and broadening of communication space among inmates. Rick was instrumental in the push to equip prisons with biometric technology for prisoner identification and inmate management. Securus Inc serves over 2,600 prisons, 1, 000,000 inmates, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. Under his leadership, Securus has committed over $600 million in patenting new technologies within three years.

Securus has been instrumental in facilitating the justice inmate tracking system, identification of crime patterns, and improvements in response times to emergencies and law enforcement. Rick Smith focuses on investing the company’s resources in creating innovative improvements in information gathering and access, communications systems attentive to the needs of families and inmates. His noteworthy achievements include leading Eschelon into a successful IPO in 2005 and increasing its revenue from a meager $30 million to $350 million. Although Securus biggest competitor is Global Link, it has a more diversified range of products and services. Securus’ CEO initiated a program to train specialists and contributed significantly to the development of the world’s largest VOIP prison calling platform.Smith’s exceptional skill set allows him to control the direction of the business, make the right decisions regarding the quality of goods and services at Securus. His extensive experience in finance, IT, operations, and telecommunications distinguish him among his peers.

Attorney Karl Heideck Is Assisting Minorities In Philadelphia

Attorney Karl Heideck recently put out a call to all minorities who are or have been treated wrongly in the state of Philadephia. Attorney Karl Heideck has agreed to represent these individuals free of charge. Attorney Karl Heideck almost came to tears after all the stories he heard from minorities, and those stories are what pushed him to take action.

The stories Karl Heideck heard had to do with financial institutions taking advantage of minorities. These were banks, payday loan companies, and second chance loan companies. It was proven that these entities were accepting minorities who did not meet the credit requirements and gave them large loans, some even more than ten thousand dollars. It was also proven that these entities provided minorities with faulty interest rates. Some of these interest rates were as bizarre as 300 percent. For many who received a thousand dollar loan, they had to pay back almost seven thousand dollars or more. Attorney Karl Heideck has proof that these entities hid this from the borrowers.

Attorney Karl Heideck is planning several different rallies in Philadelphia over the next several weeks. He wants financial institutions to hear the voice of minorities and know enough is enough. Karl Heideck also wants to get the governments attention, and his hope is that the government will conduct a full investigation on this matter. Attorney Karl Heideck has been getting at least 12 calls a day from minorities who believe they were a victimized by a financial institution. If a person is not sure if they were victimized, Karl Heideck will provide a free consultation anyway, just to be sure. He does not want to leave anyone out of this, especially if they have a bill that will not be paid off for another 20 years.

Attorney Karl Heideck was not born into a wealthy family. That is why he has such a big heart when it comes to minorities. Attorney Karl Heideck studied writing in college, and he used this school to touch the hearts of millions of people and keep them motivated to change the world. Attorney Karl Heidek then wanted to use his writing in the world of law. He successfully completed his law degree at Temple University’s outstanding Beasley Law School. Attorney Karl Heideck was quickly offered positions with some of the leading law firms in Philadelphia. In all this, Attorney Karl Heideck never forgot the people. Daily, he posts several pieces of writing to help people learn the law and fight for their rights. Visit