Freedom Checks And MLPs

Freedom Checks are investments that are based on the strategy of investing in master limited partnerships. With an MLP investment, a person invests in a piece of a company. The yield from the piece depends on the company’s performance. Payments to investors are usually made quarterly or monthly. MLPs are often energy or gas companies, and the partnerships are publicly traded. They boast the benefits of both partnerships and public companies, which means that they do not have to pay corporate taxes under Statute 26-F. Think of a Freedom Check as a way for a successful company to reward an investor instead of giving more money to the government. Visit the website to learn more.

Are Freedom Checks Like Stock Trading?

According to investing expert Matt Badiali, the checks are a lot like stock market trading. However, the companies must use American natural resources to produce at least 90 percent of their revenue. There are more than 550 entities that are qualified MLPs. Investing experts such as Badiali frequently offer specific company recommendations. Only a few of the MLPs control a large amount of resources such as gas, timber, oil and other raw materials. Check:

What Are The Rewards Of Freedom Checks?

The main reward from these checks is a higher dividend rate, which is usually between five and nine percent. For people who invest a small amount, the yield is small. For example, someone who only invests $10 may not even get back $1 within a year. However, those who invest large sums are the ones who see larger returns. Although some people are skeptical of these investments, they are legitimate. The process of investing in MLPs is not easy for someone who is not familiar with them. Those who are serious about investing in them should rely on expert advice. Read more at to know more.


How Penelope Kokkinides Message to President Trump Led To Healthcare Reforms in Puerto Rico

In 2011, the government instituted budgetary reforms that involved cutting funding to the healthcare department for all the states. The downside to this was an increased cost of healthcare in different states, fueled by the fact that the implementation of the cuts within the states was disproportional. Puerto Rican residents have suffered the brunt of this over the years that has time and resulted in an increased cost of health. Innovacare’s Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides sought to bring this issue to the President Trump’s attention.


Penelope’s invitation to the White House


In 2016, the President sought to discuss the role of women in healthcare with the stakeholders by inviting leading professionals in the field to the white house. Penelope Kokkinides, was among the eight influential health care experts selected from across the nation to represent what the President termed as “millions of millions of women who play an indispensable role in the American healthcare” sector. During the roundtable discussions that followed, the experienced healthcare professional dedicated her time with the president to address the plight of Puerto Rican’s healthcare.


The fact that Penelope heads an organization covering close to 600,000 American’s health wise means that she understands the health problems they face. While urging the president to reconsider instituting changes in the all-popular Medicare advantage plan, Penelope Kokkinides mentioned that Puerto Ricans might soon be forced to migrate to other states in search of medical attention. The success of this meeting was witnessed a few days later when the Trump administration announced health reforms favorable to the Puerto Rican residents.


About Penelope Kokkinides


Penelope currently serves as the Chief Administrative officer for Innovacare Health Inc. a managed healthcare services provider based in Puerto Rico. The company specializes in extending government health programs to the residents here and is the only facility offering NCQA-accredited health plans on the island. Before joining Innovacare, Penelope worked with Centerlight Healthcare as their strategy director for the managed care division. She had also served as the Chief Operating Officer for Touchstone Healthcare.


The high flying health expert graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences from Binghamton University before topping it with Masters in public health from Columbia University. She would proceed to join the civil service where she worked for close two decades specializing in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. She is also an expert in managing healthcare processes in a hospital environment as well as developing clinical programs aimed at improving infrastructural efficiency within these environments.


Austin’s Awesome Brown Modeling Agency

The Agency modeling and talent agency was founded in September 2015 after a merger occurred between the Austin region’s two greatest talent agencies, Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent South. By merging these two companies together into one, the Brown Agency is able to offer the best of the best by combining modeling and talent into one full service super agency. Located in the greater Texas region the Brown Agency is always on the lookout for new faces in modeling, talent, the entertainment industry, creativity, fashion design, media, photography, advertising and networking.


Justin Brown, previously with Wilhelmina Austin, is now both the CEO and president of the Brown Agency, headquartered in Austin, Texas. The agency also has branch offices located in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. The theatrical division of the Brown Agency is overseen by Michael B. Bonnee, who previously founded Hayman Talent South. Together, these two believe that focusing on a clear vision of finding elite talent, providing dedication to the industry and delivering the absolute top-tier models full of beauty, professionalism and grace while offering dependable quality held to the highest standard possible is the Brown Agency’s mission.


Models who have signed on with the Brown Agency have received fantastic coverage and exposure through well known names such as Toyota, Dell, L’Oreal, and Luis Vuitton to name a few. Several of the Brown Agency’s models have also appeared on runways across the nation dressed in the latest designs or sleekest new styles for top name fashion shows such as the Austin Fashion Week, the New York Fashion Week, the Miami Swim Week, the Dallas Fashion Week and several more.


Although there are those who are still looking for those that are more conservative, other models such as those with tattoo’s and piercings are in high demand as well. The need for raw talent is growing every day. Whereas once upon a time Austin held runway shows in local bars, it has now become a hot spot for national campaigns. And with those national campaigns comes greater exposure, more opportunities, and the chance for advancement, whether it’s modeling, fashion, entertainment or creativity. For more details you can check out their instagram account.


Clayton Hutson Makes Music Better for Artists

The point of Clayton Hutson engineering music is so people have a chance to hear the music the way the artists intended. Clayton Hutson knows there are things he can use to make the music better and that’s how he does the best job possible no matter what he’s doing. For Clayton Hutson, the point of doing these things is so artists can make their music better and so people get the show they’re supposed to. He always wanted to make a difference for musicians and that’s how he made sure things worked in the best way possible. It was his goal of helping musicians that allowed him to continue showing other people they could experience more from the opportunities they had. Clayton Hutson liked people to continue seeing the shows for what they were worth and for what they could do with them. Clayton Hutson always knew things would get better for the people who came to the shows and saw the things that were going on there.


Even when Clayton Hutson made things easier on other people, he felt good about the musical opportunities he offered. He always had a lot of chances to show people how their music could get better and he showed people what made sense in different situations. He also focused on the hard work he put into the business and everything that made him feel better about the options he had. Clayton Hutson likes giving people the chance to see things that will really help them on their own.


Clayton Hutson recently finished up a tour with Kid Rock. There, he showed people things would keep changing and they could get more from the options they had. Clayton Hutson likes giving the artists the chance to shine and that’s how he worked with Kid Rock. There were times when he had to show other people they could do things the right way. He also knew things would keep getting better and the experiences people had were important to Clayton Hutson because of the way he did things on his own and with the options he had to give other people. Learn more:

How Can Startups Survive The Early Turmoil? William Saito Is Here To Explain

William Saito has amassed the sort of experience that few other entrepreneurs can match. Because of these experiences, he is able to provide the sort of advice that few others can. As someone who has essentially spent his entire life working in the world of technology, he is in privileged position to provide key tips and pointers.


He got his start creating computer security programs and he eventually drew the attention of Microsoft for his efforts. They would eventually collaborate on a partnership that allowed Microsoft to use his authentication technology going forward. He would eventually sell off his assets to the company and become a trusted adviser to a number of governing bodies.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has sought out his counsel and he was also hired to the 2020 Summer Olympics technical staff. The National Diet Committee asked for his assistance after the Fukushima Daiichi tragedy took place. The Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry have all relied on his advice in the past.


William Saito has gained a great deal of knowledge from all of this past experience. That is why so many observers look to him to find out more about what to do going forward. In his mind, startups are allowing themselves to succumb to turmoil because of their unwillingness to take any sort of risk.


Too many people are trying to pick nothing but winners but in reality? This sort of mindset tends to be rather limiting. He points to the fact that so few Japanese companies ever change hands from a leadership standpoint as another factor that plays a role in the financial turmoil. These companies do not thrive because there are no competitors who can give them the proper push.


Japanese companies are also famously failure averse and this stops a number of ideas from ever getting off the ground in the first place. Bankers have questioned William Saito and asked him how they can make the necessary changes to assist startups. What they do not realize is that they have allowed themselves to become a part of the problem.


Saito likes to refer to those venture arms that work in the world of VC as being “very conservative”. Instead of actually taking a risk and making an investment, these companies are asked to collateralize instead. Instead of picking a winner, they are taking out loans instead and this contributes to the turmoil.


In order to change this climate, Saito suggests that people should be more willing to take a look at companies that have experienced past failures as opposed to chasing the sure thing. Many of the biggest companies in Japan (such as Honda and Sony) were created by someone who went through a past failure. Everyone must fail once and this is a philosophy that William Saito lives by.

NGP VAN Pursuing Data Efficiency on ‘The Future of Collaborative Data’

Amanda Coulombe of NGP VAN tabled a question to the panel asking them what future prospects they saw for political data. Kassia Devorsey stated that the rate of information to a wider amount of people is what she expects in the near future. Unlike the current state, where data is limited to a small group of individuals and large corporations able to purchase that specific data. CTO of NGP VAN John lee agrees with Devorsey he expects the sophistication of data to be better than present and hope they could be put together to target a particular campaign or group of individuals. blue chip thinks the media are the largest consumers of this data assembled by organizations like NGP VAN and DNC.

Matt Saniie sees the information getting to the disenfranchised people in communities that could be progressive in nature and getting them to volunteer and promote the progressive rhetoric. Handler believe different apps for different objectives can be made in future, though they already present now he is expecting a platform that will contain online advertising video ads and possibly mobile canvassing.


With the event coming to a close, the audience was allowed to ask questions they had. The first one asked how targeted digital advertising played a role in making the democrats superior. CTO of NGP VAN John lee claims research on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other social that allows sending information to the right people is an efficient way of using digital advert. Devorsey added that the democrats can channel the audience that is suitable and that gives a better advantage.


Third question from the audience was if the republicans felt data analysis for political use was important. In a phrase Handler highlighted that as the specific reason they have been losing for the past two cycles. CTO of NGP VAN John lee says that there is an increase in firms specializing on this particular issue, republicans are catching up and urges the progressives to be vigilant.


Whitney Wolfe Has The Midas Touch

Whitney Wolfe is one of those entrepreneurs that continues to heat things up as the dating app industry gains momentum. She has become someone that really knows how to take dating apps to a completely new generation by marketing to this consumer base. She is aware that there are a lot of dating apps out there, and this is what gave her the ideal to become more creative with the app that she created. Now that an app like this that allows women to make the first move it appears only logical that it would rise to the top.

What Whitney Wolfe has done is create an app platform where women feel safer. Women also feel like there is less of a chance of harassment here with Bumble because there are the ones that are making the first move. This is what has made the Bumble app that Whitney Wolfe created much more popular with professionals. While Tinder may pick up a college crowd of singles there is a great amount of interest in Bumble from a professional crowd of women.

Much of this professional single crowd has to do with the fact that Bumble is an app that also has networking platforms through Bumble Bizz and friendship building dimensions that are highlighted in Bumble BFF.

Read more: Whitney Wolfe Herd: How To Build A Workplace Where Women Can Thrive

People that are utilizing the app for these features may also turn on Bumble and start dating. This is something that engages a ton of professionals that are single. Physicians, business owners and corporate business women are checking out Bumble for their dating purposes.

Whitney Wolfe has appeared in Vanity Fair and Vogue magazine as these magazines highlighted her wedding. This is how a lot of people have heard about Bumble even though they were not familiar with the dating app scene. The mere fact that Whitney Wolfe has gotten married is something that also drew a lot of attention to her app.

She has been able to successfully promote this app because she has been able to adapt to a young generation that is tired of the same standard apps of the past. Apps like eHarmony and Match have been apps that were designed by older men. Now that there is a young woman in place that is just as young as the millennials that are using her app it becomes easier for her to relate to this generation that utilizes her app.

Find more about Whitney Wolfe: