Anil Chaturvedi and the potential of the Indian Market

As the Managing Directory for the private banking firm, Hinduja Bank Switzerland, Anil Chaturvedi career path has provided him with a plethora of experience. Anil graduated with a B.A. in Economics from Meerut University in India. He then went on to receive his M.B.A from the Dehil School of Economics at Delhi University. Anil’s career soared after his graduation. His career took from positions including a Branch Manager with State Bank of India to Country Head for North America with ANZ Grindlays Bank.

As Managing Director with Hinduja Bank in Switzerland, Anil bridges the board of directors and shareholders. Anil sets the company’s overall strategy based off of research reports he commissions. This role was vital in leading Anil to join the AECAL team in addition to his work with Hinduja Bank. AECAL or Asian E-Commerce Alliance is a group that focuses on the growth E-commerce sites in India.

AECAL is comprised of investors from across the globe that are united in seeing India’s unlimited potential. Researchers have estimated that by 2016 500 million Indian will have phones and access to the internet. This paves the way for potentially 500 million Indians based customers that now can access and build E-commerce shops.

With its population topping one billion, this developing economy offers investors a high stake, high return opportunity. India’s markets are highly regulated, and their tax structure is complicated. This makes it difficult for business to thrive. However, Anil and AECAL believe that success in India promises large dividends for investors, making the risk well worth it. At a recent conference, AECAL pointed out that the lingerie market alone tops $250 million.

AECAL is also interested in the potential of India’s E-Commerce market. With only 8% of the Indian retail market organized, E-Commerce promises to be the lucrative piece that brings businesses across this massive country together. Groups like Amazon have already invested millions in India. Anil and AECAL believe groups at the forefront of this investment push will be essential in creating India’s online startups and in turn reaping the rewards of their growth.