Austin’s Awesome Brown Modeling Agency

The Agency modeling and talent agency was founded in September 2015 after a merger occurred between the Austin region’s two greatest talent agencies, Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent South. By merging these two companies together into one, the Brown Agency is able to offer the best of the best by combining modeling and talent into one full service super agency. Located in the greater Texas region the Brown Agency is always on the lookout for new faces in modeling, talent, the entertainment industry, creativity, fashion design, media, photography, advertising and networking.


Justin Brown, previously with Wilhelmina Austin, is now both the CEO and president of the Brown Agency, headquartered in Austin, Texas. The agency also has branch offices located in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. The theatrical division of the Brown Agency is overseen by Michael B. Bonnee, who previously founded Hayman Talent South. Together, these two believe that focusing on a clear vision of finding elite talent, providing dedication to the industry and delivering the absolute top-tier models full of beauty, professionalism and grace while offering dependable quality held to the highest standard possible is the Brown Agency’s mission.


Models who have signed on with the Brown Agency have received fantastic coverage and exposure through well known names such as Toyota, Dell, L’Oreal, and Luis Vuitton to name a few. Several of the Brown Agency’s models have also appeared on runways across the nation dressed in the latest designs or sleekest new styles for top name fashion shows such as the Austin Fashion Week, the New York Fashion Week, the Miami Swim Week, the Dallas Fashion Week and several more.


Although there are those who are still looking for those that are more conservative, other models such as those with tattoo’s and piercings are in high demand as well. The need for raw talent is growing every day. Whereas once upon a time Austin held runway shows in local bars, it has now become a hot spot for national campaigns. And with those national campaigns comes greater exposure, more opportunities, and the chance for advancement, whether it’s modeling, fashion, entertainment or creativity. For more details you can check out their instagram account.