Sam Tabar Gives His Advice

Sam Tabar is was trained to be an attorney at Columbia Law School, but he realized early on in his career that he had the knack for helping others to make money. Sam decided to transition into being a financial capital strategist. Sam decided to give out some of his best financial tips so that people who are new to the market and want to increase their money can invest smartly and turn a profit.

Sam Tabar wants people to be cautious when thinking about investing. Many people want to beef up their portfolio by engaging in commodity trading. Sam things commodities can be risky benefits compared to mutual funds which he considers to be traditional bets. There is a higher chance of volatility within the commodities market compared to mutual funds or the stock market. That’s why it is necessary for investors to research and make sure that they are investing in a good commodity before putting their money on the line. Sam Tabar said on Twitter he would not recommend commodities at all for casual or novice investors. If you want to profit in commodities you have to do quite a bit of research first. When you do so its possible you will suffer a short term loss and it is necessary that you can absorb those when investing in the volatile commodities sector.

Another way that Sam Tabar recommends investing is through private businesses. There is an emerging trend that is called social entrepreneurship. There are many social startups around that can be a great opportunity to earn a financial return while being of assistance to other people. Sam Tabar has first hand experience with how this can work in your favor. He made an investment in an organization called THINX, its a company that brings socially conscious underwear for women to the market. Above all else, Sam recommends that novice investors have a diversified portfolio.  Read more of those tips on

An Overview of Gooee Smart Lighting

Gooee’s Smart lighting uses many different technologies so that both indoor and outdoor lights will work under different conditions. Each smart lighting network may do something different, but the popular solutions feature lights that switch on whenever something happens. Smart lighting helps reduce the need for you to flick a switch. Gooee’s network does all the work, though you may program the lights to do what you want them to do. You can program smart lights through a remote control. Smart lights have sensors and often interact with each other.

The lights send data to the smart lighting network, which sets guidelines. Non sensor integrated lights can be programmed. Primarily, there are two main reasons that you should consider Gooee Smart Lighting. Due to being energy efficient, you can save money on a utility bill. Smart lights also make things easier.

Jim Hunt Aims To Show How Easily He Could Make His Mum A Millionaire

Can trading stocks really be easy enough to make another person a millionaire? Well apparently Jim Hunt, a UK-based financial expert thinks so. Hunt has been working with investments and stock trading for some time now, and he’s been making video tutorials on YouTube showing his followers how to learn the secrets of stock charts. Hunt claims that the act of trading stocks is not as complicated as it looks, and to prove that he can win at the stock market, he’s put forth a new challenge to make his mum a millionaire using just 10 trades. You can find more about Jim Hunt at his new website at, following his YouTube channel, or purchasing courses from the company he supports, VTA Publications.

VTA Publications is a company that focuses on educating people about finances and economics. They have put together coursework for people who are ambitious and want to take risks in order to become business owners, independent investors, or achieve other financial goals. The courses are very comprehensive and the material covers a wide variety of topics from learning how to use stock charts, to finding strategies in futures options, and learning how to plan for retirement based on biblical principles.

The seminars are recorded and included in VTA’s inventory along with all the other coursework. Whether you majored in business at Harvard or Columbia University, or have had no formal business or finance education period, you can benefit greatly from VTA’s materials, and you’ll be making your own money before you know it. To order the materials, simply visit and they’ll ship to anywhere in the world.

Overcoming PR Problems as an Entrepreneur

Finding success in the world of entrepreneurship isn’t an easy thing. You have to have the mental fortitude to withstand all of the little blocks that come hurdling your way. Finding your footing is hard enough even before dealing with unfair circumstances, such as a former customer who decides to attack your reputation on the internet — even if they are being completely unfair. How you respond to these attacks will ultimately set the tone for your company going forward. Listed below you’ll find the tried and true method to surviving a reputation attack.

When it comes right down to it at some point you are going to have someone start slinging mud at you. That’s just the nature of being in business. The key for your first act of response is to avoid slinging that mud right back. You don’t want to engage with anyone by stooping to their level, thus muddying the waters of your own reputation. Staying professional and on message is a great way to temper the expectations of an all out war of words. Let your integrity talk for you and leave the rest of the nonsense behind.

After you’ve been hit with an attack on your reputation the next key to good business is to approach your recurring customers and current customers and tell them that business is going on as usual. Assure them that they can expect the same quality that they are used to and even offer extra value as a bonus for these ‘trying times’. Showing your loyal customers how much they mean to you is a great way to overcome any sort of small attack on your brand.

Finally you need to get back to business and focus on just why you are doing what you are doing. While it will be hard to ignore them, you can remove bad search results with, you still have to eventually get back to work.

How Securus Video Visitation Technology is Helping Heal the Prison System?

For families of prisoners, visiting their loved ones has always proved problematic. These visitations often ask for strict security procedures, which delays personal visits. The delay can often extend to multiple hours for a visit that mostly lasts within minutes. Perhaps, no one is to blame for such problems as prison officials cite strict laws that require security profiling before officials can allow a prisoner to meet with the family. On the other hand, it is even more stressful for a family member to schedule regular meetings because it means spending an entire day dealing with prison authorities. For someone who may be working more than 40 hours to sustain a family, it is a very time-frustrating process.

Luckily, the revolutionary technology from Securus Technologies is allowing families to come together, more often. Using video visitation software, family members can connect with prisoners using just a smart phone. While video conferencing and video chats are nothing new, implementing the system in a prison facility is a very complex task. For instance, the telecommunication company needs to abide by laws ensuring that the system is properly configured to meet State and Federal laws. Even if such rules were followed, it is not easier to stream high data rates inside the secured prisons, which are build to block outside interference. Therefore, video streaming was limited to slow speeds, which also annoyed families.

Times have changed as video visitation by Securus Technologies is build to solve these problems. The intuitive technology allows families and prisoners to connect in real time without any delays in video streaming. According to prison officials, the video visitation is similar to visiting prisoners, in person.  Moreover, anyone who has a smart phone, iPod or an iPad can schedule a video visitation from Securus websites at any given time.

About Securus Technologies

The groundbreaking video visitation technology is not the first time that Securus Technologies has impressed the industry experts. The Dallas based company has over 140 patents that are specifically developed to meet the needs of prison telecommunication network. Already, the company serves more than 3,400 prison facilities and other agencies in the criminal justice industry. The advanced technology of Securus reaches over 1.2 million prisoners across the United States. Hopefully, the highly streamlined video visitation will help families heal and get closer.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.