Happy Dogs Munching on Beneful

New Beneful Grain Free | The Recipe You’ll Both Love: In this commercial, a fluffy dog munches on Beneful while his owner explains that he loves Beneful’s new recipe because its grain free. With a mouth full of Beneful, the dog says that his owner likes that its grain free but he likes it because of its great taste. Then he points out how cute his owner is and how happy the new recipe clearly makes him.

Beneful Grain Free Says Goodbye to Grains: In this commercial, we see the same fluffy dog munching on a bowl of Beneful while his owner pets him. The dog lists the ingredients; blueberry and pumpkin, and farm-raised chicken. He wonders at how something so tasty could be so healthy for him. Then the narrator tells us how Beneful is now grain-free and healthier for your best friend than ever.

Dog Food with Real Beef as #1 Ingredient | Beneful Originals: In this commercial, the narrator cuddles with her dog Einstein and tells us what a change she’s seen in him since he started eating Beneful. She explains that the number one ingredient in Beneful is beef and Einstein tells us that he loves the taste of real meat in his food. Then, she says that her buddy now has enough energy to believe he can jump to catch any bird. Einstein cuddles with her after eating his healthy meal, looking oh-so-smart in his striped power tie that he wore especially for the Beneful interview. To know more about Beneful click here.

Walmart Committed to Saving You Money on the Best Beneful Products

Beneful is among the many brands of dog food that Walmart carries. Walmart is committed to making sure you get your money’s worth when you purchase Beneful. Walmart sells Beneful for less than most food markets, even with the special discounts most markets offer.

You can buy Beneful wet dog food at Walmart for less than $2 a container. A six pack of Beneful wet dog food can run you a little more than $10. The cost of Beneful dry dog food at Walmart depends on the size of the bag. For example, 15.5 lb bags of dry Beneful dog food that sell for $13.98 a bag, are 9O cents per pound on average. If you get a 40lb bag of dry dog for $33.99, that will be an average of 85 cents a pound. Walmart sells Beneful original brand with real salmon, but unfortunately, they don’t have the healthy weight option. If enough customers suggest that Beneful produce a healthy weight option of real salmon, then Beneful will manufacture that product.

You have a choice to visit the local Walmart or order online. If you order online and pick up your dog food on the same day, you will get $10 off on your first order. You can always go to the Walmart site and print out coupons. For example, with a coupon you can save $3.00 on Beneful Grain-free dry dog food. Walmart has an online coupon where you can buy two tubs of Beneful wet dog food for the price of one. You can check your local paper for when Walmart announces their sales and rollbacks. Walmarts roll backs usually take place during holiday sales.

Learn more: https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/