Betsy Devos Dedicated 30 Years to Making Sure Kids Will Have Good Choices In Education

Betsy DeVos was nominated by President Donald J. Trump to be the eleventh secretary of education, and was confirmed by Congress in February. However, this is not the first time Betsy DeVos is dealing with education issues. For over thirty years, Betsy has dedicated herself to finding solutions for the education system in the United States and helping children get a fine education.

Her mother taught in a public school, and when Betsy had to send her own children to school, she realized that there are not that many opportunities for some children. She even helped children personally; she mentored at a public school for kids who were at risk for fifteen years. She works hard to make sure that there are choices for children in the educational system in all states.

Betsy Devos is excited about the new choices made possible by vouchers for private schools, In fact, there are now around a quarter of a million children learning in such schools in various states. Her husband Dick also got involved in education. He was elected for the Board of Education in Michigan. She founded a fund that helped children have more access to various choices and schools. She served on the board of two charities that work hard to make sure that children have proper educational opportunities. These were American Education Reform Council and Children First America. In fact, she and Dick managed to help pass the first law in Michigan that would provide vouchers and aid to private schools. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

She has been involved in politics for a long time. She was the chairwoman of the Republican Party in the state of Michigan. She started the Great Lakes Education Project, but she quickly realized that this was something she had to do for kids all over the country, which is why she started the American Federation for Children. It has connections with Alliance for School Choice, and they both help children get access to schools where they would succeed and feel comfortable.

Florida was a state where the school choice initiative became very popular and successful. Indiana and other states are also good examples of her success. Besides for school choice, she also believes that it should not be that all children automatically get placed in schools in their own zip codes. Sometimes, these schools are not the best for the kids and other schools would do a better job for that particular child. Charter schools and even homeschooling are other parts of her school choice program. In fact, Dick started West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a popular charter school. Betsy studied at Calvin College. There, she earned her bachelor of arts. She has 4 children and 6 grandchildren.


Betsy DeVos Shows her Passion for Education

I have become very impressed with the moves that Elizabeth Betsy DeVos has made as American business woman. I think that she is a great activist that will be one of the best secretaries of education. She is the 11th person that has been put into this position, and I could not think of someone that may be more qualified to handle a position such as this.

Betsy is the daughter-in-law of Richard DeVos. He is the father of Dick DeVos and the co-founder of Amway. Richard DeVos became a billionaire through his Amway organization, and this would allow his son Dick DeVos to gain a high level of success as well. When he married Betsy both of them would show their passion for education in an amazing way. Betsy DeVos has been one that has spearheaded charitable events for her foundation that she has with her husband. She has been able to raise a lot of money and also give a lot of money to education, and this is why I admire what she has done with the education system before she became the Secretary of Education.

Betsy DeVos is a fan of charter schools, and I think that she will have a great chance to educate others on in her role as the Secretary of Education. She has managed to provide people with a game plan for getting to better education. This has certainly been her goal since she has started working with organizations to improve upon the education system. I honestly believe that she has the power to change things because she has a passion about it. This may be the most important aspects of her qualifications that will lead her to success. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

I am certain that Donald Trump could have made other choices for the Secretary of Education and put someone in place that knew about politics. He could have put someone in place that was vaguely familiar with what was going on in education and this random person may have made a small indentation into the education system that is in place today. I believe, however, that his ability to see the work that Betsy DeVos has done prior to her nomination as the secretary of education is what makes the difference. She has already shown that she has the passion and the dedication to work hard to improve the education system. She has done more than simply talk about making improvements. Betsy DeVos has gone above and beyond in helping others by actually giving back to education. She has even been able to get her husband and the rest of the DeVos family to give generously as well. Betsy is incredibly passionate about education. View more news on Los Angeles Times.