Is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Giving Amazon a Run for the Money?

Amazon has not been worried in recent years about the competition, they have dominated the e-commerce fashion niche for years, ad today command 20 percent of that space. Amazon has seen the competition come and go, but not in all those years have they seen one active-wear company really give them a run for their money. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has gone from nothing to over $250 million in high-quality workout apparel in three years, taking a huge bite into the most dominating force in online clothing sales.


To get a better understand how Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has become so successful in such a short time, we go right to the source. Hudson credits the growing success of her company to a couple key factors. She says he company has a very unique membership platform combined with the concept of reverse-showrooming. Hudson says that women can come by her retail shops in the mall and open a free membership, take the Lifestyle Quiz, window-shop, or try on as many of her athleisure brand as they like. No pressure from the sales team at Fabletics because each item you try on will be added to your online profile and there for future consideration.


Here is where the reverse-showrooming process kicks into gear.


These women feel no pressure shopping in her retail stores on their break or when hanging out with friends, but later that night when they are relaxed at home, they head to the Fabletics e-commerce site. Now not only do they see everything they tried on in the store, they can browse new arrivals or other apparel based on the size that already flatters their body. Hudson says that because they took the Lifestyle Quiz, their membership has now unlocked a number of additional benefits like free shipping and deeply-discounted merchandise.


Another benefit that comes with the membership to Hudson’s Fabletics is the personal shopper. This person assigned to your account will analyze the quiz results, your size, and previous purchases, and select a new item each month for your consideration. Even if you are busy all month, you still have someone looking out for you when the latest arrivals to the active-wear world are released. The success of the company has to do with this unique shopping experience, a complete contrast to going to Amazon and buying things you hope will fit, only to have to return them time and time again.

Fabletics Is A Huge Success

The company, Fabletics is owned and operated by Kate Hudson. She envisioned a line of clothing that women would wear and feel comfortable in. Her designs are made for workouts, but women wear them for other reasons too. She has shown great success with her creations, and the company continues to grow steadily in its customer base.


In her business, Kate Hudson uses reverse showroom techniques. This is because she relies heavily on Internet marketing and sales to grow her business. She saves money in overhead of huge showrooms in her physical stores. The physical stores that she has are small, and stocked with items that she knows women will buy in that particular area.


Her company has received a myriad of positive reviews. Women are raving about the designs that Kate Hudson has out, and they love the fact that the clothing comes right to their homes, and they don’t have to fight traffic or find a parking spot because they shop online.


It is very encouraging for Kate Hudson to see the overwhelming positive response of her clothing line and her company. This makes her look positive at the future, where she wishes to do even more with her creations. Her abilities are definitely a plus when she is determining what women are looking for, and she has a pulse on what they like in terms of marketing too.


She has a club that women can belong to. They need to sign up for it, and it operates online. The club gathers information about her likes and dislikes in the clothing, and then they receive items in the mail every month that they can choose to purchase or send back. This makes it very convenient for the women that love Kate Hudson’s clothing line. When she has such a following, numbering in the millions, this is the best way to market her clothing items.


The future looks great for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. She is going to open more physical stores in certain areas so that the women there are able to also purchase her designs. Her successes will continue to increase, as more and more women find out about her designs.