Sam Tabar, Professional And Fundraiser

Sam Tabar is a legal professional, business developer and strategist, and fundraiser. says that Sam Tabar gained a professional background earning a Masters Degree in Law from Columbia University. After earning his law degree, he worked as a New York City Attorney for five years.

While practicing law, he found his passion in fund-related matters. After leaving his law firm, he then worked providing advice on legal issues as the Managing Director for a sovereign firm in Asia. He also raised money, true to his discovered passion. Next, he served as a Director at Merrill Lynch, working to find fund management plans for the company.

Tabar then began investing in issues related to his own passion. He first invested in two companies that were created to empower women and women’s hygiene issues worldwide. These were the Tribute and SheThinx companies. He then began to help create a company around his favorite funding passion, environmental issues.

FullCycle Energy Fund was created in 2003 to fund environmental and recycling projects. At FullCycle, Tabar is responsible for fund management strategies for the company. They collect harmful waste products and process them into usable goods, recycling the materials and preventing them from harming the environment.

These goods benefit the environment and the community, providing them with necessary commodities that are affordable.

According to Art Station, Sam Tabar’s environmental strategies include fuel purification, recycling harmful goods to useable ones, and environmental fundraising. This is his biggest passion and role in the community. He continues to hold his state bar license and does editing for the Columbia Business Law Journal, his alma mater.

Sam Tabar is very involved in social media. His Facebook page is very colorful and currently updated. He includes status to update followers on what he is up to.

He posts a lot of pictures of himself, friends, and associates at both social and business events.  He is very open and informative with his social media. These accounts are a great way to follow his life and accomplishments.