Who Is Kamil Idris?

According to World Intellectual Property Organization, intellectual property is all the creations of the mind. They include inventions, literature, artistic impressions, designs, symbols and images used for commercial services. Every person deserves to be rewarded for the effort and intelligence he puts in to come up with his/her invention.

Unfortunately, people don’t get rewarded for what they have invented. It is for this reason that people like Professor Kamil Idris are working to ensure that this is corrected. Kamil Idris was the Director General of the World Intellectual Property up to 2008. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recognizes the need to advance the protection of human creativity as a tool to develop socially and economically. People need sensitization to the laws set up, both locally and internationally to protect intellectual property.

With the right conditioning, the human mind can invent ideas and even improvise in challenging situations. The human race had advanced over the years since the first years when the wheel was designed to present day where life is much more comfortable. Inventions in the world of electronics have made us have all the information we need readily available. Transactions used to consume a lot of time because everything was done manually or through the analog process. Technology has enabled humanity to reduce processing times with the help of robots.

WIPO through the leadership of Prof. Kamil Idris created strategies to promote creativity and innovation. The World Intellectual Property Day, organized by WIPO seeks to appreciate those who have strived to develop new ideas. It is through these great minds that humanity moves from one level to another. However small an invention is, it still needs to be appreciated, admired and respected. Without mechanisms to protect intellectual rights, most ideas and creativity don’t progress to serve the community.

Prof. Kamil Idris’ work on the protection of rights and patents has been very influential. The leadership showed by Idris earned him re-election to head WIPO in the year 2003. At the moment Kamil is a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Apart from intellectual property protection, he is dedicated to creating a world that peaceful, free from violence and war. His knowledge and experience in intellectual property protection and arbitration has made him preside over different levels at different events.