Ara Chackerian and The Importance of Staying Close To Real World Solutions, Not Abstract Ones

It is said by the wise elders that the intelligence of a person is not in detecting patterns and attaching false connections. It is in ignoring the noise, the wrong models and seeing with sheer clarity the things with value. In the case of Ara Chackerian, this statement is a high-valued truth. Modernity has made things more technical and digital and less attached to reality, and for Ara Chackerian, this has posed a challenge to establishing ground rules in ethics and intelligence.

The TMS Health Solutions Projects

Intelligence for Ara Chackerian is about generating solutions for the real world problems, not making things more complicated by creating solutions that only apply in theory, not in reality. Ideas, he argues in his Ideamensch interview, are rooted in life experiences. They have to be grounded in trial and error. They have to stand the test of time and the robustness of time being the expert. Anything new to him has still a lot of challenges because its costs and risks might still be hidden. The excellent thing about Chackerian is that it is in his passion to find these hidden costs, unravel them, unearth them so that the valuable ideas come out for everyone in the society to benefit.

Granting that the solutions have no hidden risks, Chackerian is all about implementing them for the world’s benefit through the networks he built with his project, TMS Health Solutions, which he co-founded and of which he is a general partner.

The Philanthropist

You don’t also just see Mr. Chackerian stopping his work for the world in angel investments and entrepreneurship alone. He for the longest time has quite well built a name in the field of philanthropy. In a world where the people who help can be accused as virtue merchandisers or simony practitioners, Mr. Chackerian sets himself apart by not advocating charity as a publicity stunt or a marketing gimmick. Check out to know more.

The great Nassim Taleb said that virtue should not be advertised and should not be a ticket-selling strategy, and the right thing about Ara Chackerian’s philanthropy work is the fact that he thoroughly agrees with Mr. Taleb’s point. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.

The Copa Star Defines A New Approach In Hospital Administration

The role of the hospital has been the same for many generations. However, over the past few decades, the way that people view the hospital has changed. The hospital has become a business in the eyes of many people that helps people with medical needs. The view of the hospital by many people use to be that the hospital was a medical facility that helped people who had medical issues. While most of the view of the hospital is the same, there is one important aspect that has changed over the past few years. The idea of the hospital as a business has altered the way people perceive the hospital.

Although this is a shift in the view of the hospital, it is not negative because the hospital administration in many hospitals has shifted the focus of the hospital to include the business side of what goes on in the hospital. One of the primary reasons that there has been a shift in how hospital administration looks at the role of the hospital is because the type of administrators in charge of many hospitals has changed. There are numerous hospitals that are placing none medical executives in charge of hospitals. The executives do not have a background in the medical profession. The executives have a business background. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

In many cases, hospital executives with a business background tend to run hospitals in a business manner. This has been a shift that has been happening in the hospital environment for several years. As some hospitals move to a more business approach, other things about these hospitals will begin to change. One of the most noticeable will be the appearance of the hospitals. A look into the future of some hospitals may already be occurring. In Brazil, a new hospital called the Copa Star is receiving a lot of attention from around the world based on several things.

Many of those things revolve around the appearance of the Hospital Copa Star. There are few hospitals in the world that look like the Copa Star. The Copa Star was built with the idea of looking like a high end hotel that brings luxury to its visitors. The owners of the Copa Star want the concept of luxury to be what people think about when they think about the Copa Star.

The cost of the Copa Star brings the reality of the hospital into view. Many people who come up to the Copa Star initially may not think of it as a hospital because of the luxury appearance. However, the Copa Star provides some of the best medical equipment, technology, and medical staff available in Brazil.

The idea of the Copa Star is a new age in hospital design for hospitals. As new hospitals are built, the concept of the Copa Star may spread to other hospitals. View the design at