DeVos Moving Forward!

Dick and Betsy DeVos’ personal giving life is no secret, nor is it pulled to the side – especially by the attention of the local media all around. When it comes to a deep and true spirit of philanthropy that stems from the very roots of one’s good heart and solid virtues, then there is no denying that Dick and his wife stand at the top of the list. The couple has donated more millions of dollars in the last three decades alone than they know what to do with, and that’s not all: According to Dick, as he was recently interviewed once again by the presses, both he and his wife still have a long ways to go if they seek to make a world of difference all across America – heck, even beyond the beautiful USA. There are always people who need help and good causes who back them, according to the Devoses.


In face, Dick and Betsy stand as no less than pillars in the world of charitable contributions; they have perhaps topped the list of philanthropists on a mission and only further continue to declare their plans to continue making a difference for generations to come. They believe that those who are given much must become responsible to give much in return, a fine motto to suit their philanthropic actions of so many years thus far. They see it not only as their burden and responsibility to give back as is needed but their divine calling and a core part of their life’s very purpose – not to mention their pride and joy on a personal scale as those who love to give and not take are truly the happiest people in this life – according to the DeVoses.


Not only have Dick and Betsy been top forerunners for charitable giving, but they have made sure to raise their kids in the proper manner – not only in regards to being kind, polite, courteous good students who are loved by all but also people who care about the needs of others and generously show it by giving out of their hearts’ content. Dick and Betsy’s offspring have, in fact, been occasional motivators in pushing their parents to give more than the allotted or planned amounts, telling them that they can give even more. Such generosity should motivate all of us to excel and to push ourselves past the pre-defined limits so often imposed – even in the world of charities.


In fact, the more one gives, the happier and more relieved he or she will feel. This is Dick DeVos’s belief. Share.


Dick is a proud American. He’s a well-known public figure. He gives to politics.