Overcoming PR Problems as an Entrepreneur

Finding success in the world of entrepreneurship isn’t an easy thing. You have to have the mental fortitude to withstand all of the little blocks that come hurdling your way. Finding your footing is hard enough even before dealing with unfair circumstances, such as a former customer who decides to attack your reputation on the internet — even if they are being completely unfair. How you respond to these attacks will ultimately set the tone for your company going forward. Listed below you’ll find the tried and true method to surviving a reputation attack.

When it comes right down to it at some point you are going to have someone start slinging mud at you. That’s just the nature of being in business. The key for your first act of response is to avoid slinging that mud right back. You don’t want to engage with anyone by stooping to their level, thus muddying the waters of your own reputation. Staying professional and on message is a great way to temper the expectations of an all out war of words. Let your integrity talk for you and leave the rest of the nonsense behind.

After you’ve been hit with an attack on your reputation the next key to good business is to approach your recurring customers and current customers and tell them that business is going on as usual. Assure them that they can expect the same quality that they are used to and even offer extra value as a bonus for these ‘trying times’. Showing your loyal customers how much they mean to you is a great way to overcome any sort of small attack on your brand.

Finally you need to get back to business and focus on just why you are doing what you are doing. While it will be hard to ignore them, you can remove bad search results with searchcleanup.com, you still have to eventually get back to work.