NGP VAN Pursuing Data Efficiency on ‘The Future of Collaborative Data’

Amanda Coulombe of NGP VAN tabled a question to the panel asking them what future prospects they saw for political data. Kassia Devorsey stated that the rate of information to a wider amount of people is what she expects in the near future. Unlike the current state, where data is limited to a small group of individuals and large corporations able to purchase that specific data. CTO of NGP VAN John lee agrees with Devorsey he expects the sophistication of data to be better than present and hope they could be put together to target a particular campaign or group of individuals. blue chip thinks the media are the largest consumers of this data assembled by organizations like NGP VAN and DNC.

Matt Saniie sees the information getting to the disenfranchised people in communities that could be progressive in nature and getting them to volunteer and promote the progressive rhetoric. Handler believe different apps for different objectives can be made in future, though they already present now he is expecting a platform that will contain online advertising video ads and possibly mobile canvassing.


With the event coming to a close, the audience was allowed to ask questions they had. The first one asked how targeted digital advertising played a role in making the democrats superior. CTO of NGP VAN John lee claims research on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other social that allows sending information to the right people is an efficient way of using digital advert. Devorsey added that the democrats can channel the audience that is suitable and that gives a better advantage.


Third question from the audience was if the republicans felt data analysis for political use was important. In a phrase Handler highlighted that as the specific reason they have been losing for the past two cycles. CTO of NGP VAN John lee says that there is an increase in firms specializing on this particular issue, republicans are catching up and urges the progressives to be vigilant.


Securus’ Amazing CEO: Rick Smith

On June 23, 2008, Richard A. Smith assumed the position of President and CEO of Securus Technologies, Inc. Previously, he served in various capacities at Eschelon Telecom Inc including its President, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Executive Officer in a stint extending from 1998 to 2003. Before joining Eschelon, Smith worked at Global Crossing as its Financial Management Vice President as well as in various capacities. Rick holds an associate degree in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo, a Master’s in Mathematics from SUNY, Brockport, and an MBA from the University of Rochester, Simon School.At Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has served as its CEO since January 2009 and its director since June 2008. Stakeholders reviewed his appointment as CEO of Securus positively. A significant majority endorsed Rick Smith due to his focus, self-drive, experience, and his stellar academic qualifications.

Rick provides constant drive and leadership at Securus in satisfying the needs of the correctional services community. His practical approach resulted in the use of technology by correctional facilities to deliver incident management, biometric analysis, investigation, inmate communications, monitoring, and self services.His tenure at Securus has elevated the company into a reliable provider of prison communication systems across the US and Canada. With these techniques, prisons and inmates can have contact with visitors resulting in tremendous cost savings, increased security, and broadening of communication space among inmates. Rick was instrumental in the push to equip prisons with biometric technology for prisoner identification and inmate management. Securus Inc serves over 2,600 prisons, 1, 000,000 inmates, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. Under his leadership, Securus has committed over $600 million in patenting new technologies within three years.

Securus has been instrumental in facilitating the justice inmate tracking system, identification of crime patterns, and improvements in response times to emergencies and law enforcement. Rick Smith focuses on investing the company’s resources in creating innovative improvements in information gathering and access, communications systems attentive to the needs of families and inmates. His noteworthy achievements include leading Eschelon into a successful IPO in 2005 and increasing its revenue from a meager $30 million to $350 million. Although Securus biggest competitor is Global Link, it has a more diversified range of products and services. Securus’ CEO initiated a program to train specialists and contributed significantly to the development of the world’s largest VOIP prison calling platform.Smith’s exceptional skill set allows him to control the direction of the business, make the right decisions regarding the quality of goods and services at Securus. His extensive experience in finance, IT, operations, and telecommunications distinguish him among his peers.

Jason Hope’s Futuristic Abilities Regarding The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope believes the future is in the Internet of Things. The latest tech trends have made him a futurist, a writer, a commentator and an entrepreneur. He writes about the subject and feels the Internet of Things is the biggest thing that has ever hit the tech industry. He has become regarded as an authority on the future of technology.The term the Internet of Things is in reference to new technology that connects an assortment of devices with one another. Devices such as cars, street lights and electronic devices. He believes the future will become reliant on devices that use the same network and data to increase efficiency.

Jason Hope is certain the Internet of Things will become the largest investment corporations will have. He states that all possible devices will one day be connected together. He has explained that what is a convenience now will eventually become the only way to move forward. He believes in the future cellphones will be used as part of an every day routine and companies will be in competition to see who can create the next application that will effect consumers.Jason Hope talks about embracing smart technology because it has the ability to eliminate waste and make life safer.

Trains can receive better monitoring, public bus routes can be mapped and road congestion eased. When more people use public transportation it will have a positive impact on pollution and traffic accidents. Rural areas will benefit as well as cities with faster emergency responses and improved accident tracking.

Jason Hope’s reputation has been well earned. He is highly skilled as a futurist. His understanding and passion for technology helps him make insightful and accurate predictions regarding the future of technology. He believes the Internet of Things will be a critical player in modern societies future as more and more devices connect.Jason Hope’s insights and advice in regards to technology has been helpful to both individuals and modern businesses. He helps them understand how to capitalize on future technologies. He grew up in Arizona and has a finance degree from Arizona State University along with an MBA from the Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope’s Biography And His Say On The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope has established himself as an investor, frequent writer, and commentator about technological trends, thus, a big believer in Internet of Things.

He recently wrote about Internet of Things in details at Tech Co, calling it the biggest advancement wave to hit the industry.

The article he wrote is considered one of the most promising authorities on how the new technology is unveiling. The Internet of Things talks of connected technology that allows many devices to synchronize. This makes devices connecting with the same network to share data hence increasing performance and efficiency.

Jason Hope explains that Internet of Things can completely change the way business works and how it will be the most notable advancement in the future of the technology industry. Hope believes that the Internet of Things is quite influential and it is likely to be the biggest investment that the world’s largest corporations will rely on. He states that it crucial for stakeholders to try to be up to date with this because the world will now focus on interconnected devices. Jason believes that in just a few years, Internet of Things will be the only way forward. He predicts competition among major companies that will be trying to create most useful and relevant apps for users to engage in their daily lived across a variety of different devices.

Smart technology and Internet of Things for society in general will, therefore, have the ability to do away with a lot of waste and make daily lives safer. Also, the public transportation has improved through Internet of Things. Better monitoring of trains and real-time mapping of public transport routes, for instance, has led to the elimination of dangerous conditions on the roads and it will improve more if Internet of Things continues to create apps. Jason believes that there will be reduced congestion, less pollution, and fewer traffic accidents. His optimism with the Internet of Things and its power to improve our lives is well-grounded.

Jason Hope’s Background Information

Jason is an actor born in Liverpool, England. He grew in Tempe before getting a degree in finance at the Arizona State University. He also has his MBA from ASU WP Carey Business School. Jason is interested in politics linked to business in the state of Arizona and the whole country.

Jason has a passion for technology and gives back to the community. He researches and writes often on Internet of Things. He has also earned a name as a futurist who has a clear technological grasp that he uses to monitor the industry and make informed projections.

Hope trusts the ability of technology to be an integral part of our future with more and more of our life depending on connected devices and the internet of things.

The Wessex Institute of Technology Is Touring The World with Their Conferences

The Wessex Institute of Technology, known for their scientific conferences, was founded in 1986 by Carlos A. Brebbia. The headquarter is located in New Forest, a famous national park in Southern England.

Every year, the Wessex Institute will hold around 25 scientific conferences. These conferences are held primarily in the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, but sometimes there are events held in Estonia or Thailand. These conferences will invite researchers, students and other industry professionals to discuss very critical issues. These issues may include climate change, improving infrastructure, re-organizing public transportation, the appreciation of cultures and maintaining historical locations.

The WIT Pres publishes over 30,000 scientific research papers for the viewing of the general public. These papers may be searched and saved as PDF documents at no cost.

Jason Hope Is Fascinated With Technology For Different Reasons Than Most People Are

When it comes down to it, technology is not only fascinating, but is also the ruler of our lives. When many people think about technology, they think about things like computers, smartphones, tv and other forms of media. One of the reasons they think about that is that it provides entertainment. Another reason they think about that is because it provides an escape for people that have been dealing with a lot of stress. Internet and media as well as other forms of technology are ways to escape the harsh realities of this world and get some comfort in what is on the screen.

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Futurist Jason Hope is very fascinated with technology. However, it is not the entertainment that he is thinking about. While he does want to escape the harsh realities of this world, he wants to do it in a different way. His way of escaping these harsh realities is working towards bringing forth better realities. Among the harsh realities that people are faced with are public dangers, health concerns, and financial concerns. Jason is doing what he can to support the attempts to solve these issues so that people can live safely among one another without any type of worry.

While a lot of people are enjoying their internet, Jason Hope is fascinated with bringing forth the Internet of Things. This takes the internet connection far beyond the computer and video screen and to different appliances. There are a lot of advantages that come with the Internet of Things which truly improves the world.

Jason Hope is especially passionate about improving the health of the aging. He understands that health is not some luxury that is limited to the young. It is a human right. Just because one is aging does not mean that one has to deal with all of the painful age-related complications.