Trying WEN For The First Time

Women everywhere love WEN by Chaz Dean. They love the way the cleansing conditioner makes their hair feel. There was a woman who used WEN by Chaz Dean and shared her experiences with everyone. The woman, named Emily was a hardcore hair fanatic. She loved everything about haircare. She heard about all the positive claims about WEN by Chaz Dean and she wanted to know if those claims were true. So she decided to try the haircare product for herself. She wanted to know if Wen Hair would transform her thin hair into full, luscious strands.

This woman purchased the Sephora endorsed Fig version of the cleansing conditioner because she thought that would be the perfect one for her. According to her, the Fig version promised to moisturize her hair and give it shine and bounce. Emily started using the WEN cleansing conditioner after a day filled with projects and excitement. Her hair was frizzy and greasy and she needed help. She used the recommended amount on her hair. After applying to her hair, she noticed that her hair felt thicker and she didn’t have a lot of hair falling out in the shower. When she blow dried her hair, she noticed that it was shinier and full of bounce.

According to the article on Bustle, Emily used WEN by Chaz Dean for an additional six days and she witnessed great results. Her hair wasn’t as greasy and it looked shiny and healthy.

WEN By Chaz Dean incorporates a 5-in-1 system ( that acts as a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. WEN contains natural botanicals that makes hair noticeably shinier and healthier. WEN by Chaz Dean comes in a variety of scents and women can purchase the cleansing conditioner in a kit.