Mike Heiligenstein Initiates the Construction of MoPac Lanes Express to Ease Traffic in Austin Texas

In 2015, American Statesman raised an infrastructural issue in Austin Texas. Through Viewpoints Editorial, it was established that poor roads have contributed to congestion and traffic. In the article, the American-Statesman highlighted the importance of involving the government in the construction of smart roads. The statement further stressed that the community needs technology to have smooth roads that will reduce traffic.


Statesman Plight


In response to the fate of the community through the American-Statesman, Mike Heiligenstein said that the agency is aware of the poor roads in Austin and that just like the roads they have constructed, there was a plan to develop smart roads for smooth traffic. Mike did not hesitate to thank the Statesman for highlighting the issue of bad roads. He also added that the agency was in charge of implementing high technology to develop roads. He said that through the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, there would be a MoPac Project to better infrastructure.


Statement Release


Mike is in charge of the MoPac project. He said that the agency is in office to offer mobility solutions just like in the case of 183A Toll. The 183A Toll was built in Cedar Park as well as Leander. These roads have had a positive impact on the community as many businesses have expanded through the smooth traffic. Also, the agency built a 290 toll road in Austin and Manor. This road assisted in developing the people holding capacity as well as improving nontoll lanes. Since the Texas Mobility Authority is not a private agency, it takes care of the interests of the local citizens.




The Mobility Authority’s mission is to innovate strategies towards the building of smart roads. The new MoPac project the agency is rebuilding will incorporate variable tolling lanes. The lanes are meant to utilize sophisticated technology to help in traffic control. The variable toll lanes will also synchronize the supply as well as the demand of citizens to control traffic. According to Mike, the Express Lanes will be in motion even if the main roads are congested.


Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein is the president of Mobility Authority. This is an independent agency. The company’s mission is implementing smart as well as innovative infrastructure for better transportation roads. Under the insightful leadership of Mike Heiligenstein, the board is responsible for implementing policies, projects as well as strategies that ensure the agency is taking care of the interests of citizens.


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