Success Registered by InnovaCare Health During Rick Shinto’s Reign

InnovaCare Health is the leading service provider in quality healthcare courses. They concentrate their service to the underserved residents of North America. InnovaCare is recognized for their zeal in working towards redefining the healthcare community. To achieve their goals, they tend to build concepts that unify coordination, innovation, quality, as well as cost-effectiveness. Rick Shinto serves in the facility as the CEO and has done pretty much in his tenure. InnovaCare’s vision focuses on initiating active patient-servicer relations, which they implement in all their subsidiary companies. Their quality-driven services concentrate on the customer. Precisely, the entire staff members live by satisfying their client-base. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Details About Rick’s Profession and Education Background

Rick Shinto is an inspiring scholar. He holds a medical bachelor’s degree from the California University, as well as two B.S degrees from the State University of New York. Dr. Shinto also takes pride in an M.B.A earned from the University of Redlands. His proficiency in the operational and clinical healthcare is unmatched. It is over twenty years since he started his endeavors in the said industry. As such, Rick is such an instrumental figure at InnovaCare Health. Before assuming his post there, he worked at PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare as the Chief Executive Officer. Again, while at Medical Pathways Management Company, Shinto served as the Chief Medical Officer and the COO. Dr. Shinto is also a distinguished entrepreneur. He even won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year award in 2011.

Crucial Information Regarding Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare’s COO/CAO

Penelope serves at InnovaCare as the Chief Administrative Officer. Her bid for the position went through with ease, following her great experience. She possesses experience of over twenty years in governmental programs. Some of the areas that have had her touch include the Medicare, Medicaid, and the managed care industries. Before joining InnovaCare Health, she was serving at Centerlight Health System, where she was the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Precisely, Penelope Kokkinides is informed and bears unmatched experience in development of healthcare models.

Basics Surrounding What InnovaCare Health Does

InnovaCare Health Solutions provides healthcare coverage services. They have more than 7,500 staff members, where they serve a base of about 200,000 clients. Their two primary care avenues are the Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs. The company endeavors in creating sustainable, cost-effective, and ultimately unified services. They also highly incline towards modern day technology, which helps them a lot in designing perfect models.

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Malini Saba is Disciplined and Ambitious

When a person rises up in the ranks like Malini Saba it becomes hard not to recognize her genius. She is an investor that ranks among the top female investors. She is the founder of Saban, and a lot of people have been helped through her investment company and her non-profit organization. Her passion to help others has gotten Saba recognized multiple times, and I think that people can really learn a lot from what she has done.


Her fortune comes largely from the ability to take risks in the technology sector. She has invested large sums of money during times where some people may have been skeptical about putting their money into certain stocks. She has said that she takes pride in checking into those investment possibilities that others may have dismissed.



As the chairman of Saban Capital Group she realizes that there are profits to be made in entertainment, technology and other media outlets. She has taken a strong lead as an investor that is able to see the vision long before the company brings things to fruition. I like this forward thinking approach that she has to investing.


Right now Saba is someone that takes a lot of meetings throughout the day to discuss different financial matters. What Malini has been doing is splitting her time between Saban and the Stree Foundation. She is a very busy woman, but I like the fact that she is spending time with her daughter in the early morning hours. She still finds time to walk her daughter to school. I think that this is just a further sign of her discipline as a business leader. She has a very hectic schedule, but she still makes time to do the things that are important to her.


I think that Malini Saba is a big planner. This is how she was able to become the savvy investor that she is. Malini planned for the long term and looked at the companies that were showing the most promise for growth. I think that there is a lot to be said for her incredible ability to manage a mountain of different tasks. It shows that she is focused and ambitious.