Kim Dao Tries on Kimonos in Asakusa

Australian YouTuber Kim Dao recently posted a video in which she shows off her favorite kimono fashion in Asakusa, Japan. Asakuso is a district in the Taitō region of Tokyo well-known for Sensō-ji, one of Japan’s most historic Buddhist temples. Asakuso is also home to a large number of other temples, each of which holds at least one annual festival.


Kim Dao paid a visit to the unique destination with her friend Tim in order to give him a genuine taste of Japanese culture. The two had lunch at a traditional restaurant in Asakuso before purchasing kimonos to wear for an authentic Japanese cultural experience. Later, at the kimono shop, Tim mischievous encouraged Kim to get the flashiest garment she could. Kim Dao and Tim did some casual sightseeing around the town’s main street and then went to Sensō-ji temple for a photo keepsake.


Later on that evening, the pair headed to Sky Tree, Tokyo’s famous broadcast and observation tower, where they picked up a few souvenirs at the gift shop. Kim Dao and Tim parted ways, and before returning home, she stopped by a close friend’s house to chat and catch up a bit.


Although her sojourn into Asakusa was complicated a bit by the fact that she had to record her entry on her phone, she nonetheless had a great time and the video was well received by her fans. Kim Dao loves sharing the vast richness of Japanese culture with her friends from Australia, Korea, and beyond.

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Kim Dao Tries Out Unusual Korean Makeup

Kim Dao is trying out some Korean products one would not think of as makeup products. The first one is called Skin Food Black Sesame Hot Mask. This product heats up when it is applied. It deep cleans and removes rough and scaley skin. Kim Dao noticed his gooey gel went on cold and heated her face up a little bit. This can be applied to skin that is pre moistened. Rub it in for five minutes then let it set for another five minutes before washing it off. Even though it has a strong sesame seed smell, it will get rid of blackheads.


The next product Kim Dao showed us is a lip gel patch by Etude House. It’s made with cherry extracts. It looks like geletin lips that are placed over your own for 10 to 15 minutes. They’ll make your lips feel smooth and hydrated.


Finally, Kim Dao is trying the most unusual product in the video. It’s called Dreams Come True Bounce Cream Cheese by Enprani. This anti ageing product hydrates and firms the skin. This product has a scent of baby powder rather than cream cheese. You use a small spatula that is designed to apply face cream with. Kim Dao is very happy with this product and plans to use it as a night time mask instead of during the day. It is a bit sticky going on, but it smooths well into the skin. It will make your skin a nice glowing look.

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