Fabletics Knows the Power of Online Reviews

Fabletics is a fresh, young athletic wear company spearheaded by actress Kate Hudson. Launched in 2013 under parent group, TechStyle, Fabletics is the darling of the athletic wear industry. Fabletics offers top-quality athletic wear that is both fashionable and affordable. In the past, people have been stuck with the choice of quality over style and Fabletics has managed to meet both needs in a fun way. With a growth rate of 200% and $250 million in sales, Fabletics is definitely doing something right!


What Makes Fabletics Unique?

Fabletics is embracing the popular membership models that we have seen skyrocket over the past few years. People sign up to be members and receive monthly packages delivered right to their doorstep. Additionally, Fabletics ships a full outfit each month. This gives members more items at a better cost and not just one simple item. Many other companies have taken note of Fabletics’ success and have modeled their businesses around it.

Consumer Trends are Changing

In a 2016 consumer study done by BrightLocal, 84% of consumers reported that they trust an online review as much as a verbal referral. This is a huge increase from even just a few years ago. With more places to check reviews before purchasing and more options to purchase digitally, the consumers holds the power.


The Power of a Good Review

Fabletics has struck gold in the digital space with its online review strategy. It’s no secret that consumers check reviews before making purchase decisions. When considering joining a membership-based brand like Fabletics, reviews are even more critical. Fabletics has collected a wealth of online reviews. These reviews help gain more members. People are more likely to trust the crowd-sourced reviews of many average people than the word of just one. By leveraging the power of the crowd, Fabletics gains a wealth of customer trust and customer loyalty for current members, knowing they are getting the best athletic wear.


Kate Hudson’s Vision for Fabletics

While Kate Hudson knows that her heart will always be in acting, she isn’t just a pretty face at Fabletics. When she co-founded Fabletics in 2013 her goal was to always be continually active with the company. She spearheads marketing and social media decisions, monitors sales information on a weekly basis, and helps determine big picture strategy as Fabletics grows so rapidly. People see Kate Hudson as genuine and very positive. She wears Fabletics frequently and truly believes in Fabletics.



Lifestyle Quiz

Another thing Fabletics is doing differently is offering users different user experiences on one website. The company has a Lifestyle Quiz on the website that results in a Fabletics experience just for you. The unique algorithm takes answers to questions such as favorite type of workout, style and indoor/outdoor preference. After you complete the quiz all of the outfits you receive and your experience online is made just for you! As a runner, I would receive totally different pieces than a friend who is into body building. It takes just about two minutes!