How Penelope Kokkinides Message to President Trump Led To Healthcare Reforms in Puerto Rico

In 2011, the government instituted budgetary reforms that involved cutting funding to the healthcare department for all the states. The downside to this was an increased cost of healthcare in different states, fueled by the fact that the implementation of the cuts within the states was disproportional. Puerto Rican residents have suffered the brunt of this over the years that has time and resulted in an increased cost of health. Innovacare’s Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides sought to bring this issue to the President Trump’s attention.


Penelope’s invitation to the White House


In 2016, the President sought to discuss the role of women in healthcare with the stakeholders by inviting leading professionals in the field to the white house. Penelope Kokkinides, was among the eight influential health care experts selected from across the nation to represent what the President termed as “millions of millions of women who play an indispensable role in the American healthcare” sector. During the roundtable discussions that followed, the experienced healthcare professional dedicated her time with the president to address the plight of Puerto Rican’s healthcare.


The fact that Penelope heads an organization covering close to 600,000 American’s health wise means that she understands the health problems they face. While urging the president to reconsider instituting changes in the all-popular Medicare advantage plan, Penelope Kokkinides mentioned that Puerto Ricans might soon be forced to migrate to other states in search of medical attention. The success of this meeting was witnessed a few days later when the Trump administration announced health reforms favorable to the Puerto Rican residents.


About Penelope Kokkinides


Penelope currently serves as the Chief Administrative officer for Innovacare Health Inc. a managed healthcare services provider based in Puerto Rico. The company specializes in extending government health programs to the residents here and is the only facility offering NCQA-accredited health plans on the island. Before joining Innovacare, Penelope worked with Centerlight Healthcare as their strategy director for the managed care division. She had also served as the Chief Operating Officer for Touchstone Healthcare.


The high flying health expert graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences from Binghamton University before topping it with Masters in public health from Columbia University. She would proceed to join the civil service where she worked for close two decades specializing in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. She is also an expert in managing healthcare processes in a hospital environment as well as developing clinical programs aimed at improving infrastructural efficiency within these environments.