Improving Supply Chain Performance with Edisoft

Initially, measuring on-time performance was regarded as the best key performance indicator (KPI), which was leveraged in for various transportation departments. A carrier score card was reviewed every quarter. Presently, more data is available to shippers, which is enabled by the rapid and dynamic evolution of GPS and real-time tracking datasets, as well as the internet of things (IOT) in addition to the technology enablement of international partners through mobile solutions. When assessing opportunities for supply chain performance, the best practice KPI’s now has a prime focus on metrics across functions as well as trading partners rather than stringently, almost concentrating on the performance and productivity of the isolated operations of a particular carrier.


Notably, Edisoft is one of the successful firm, which has dazzlingly managed to help ventures ameliorate their supply chain performance. Edisoft is software company as well as the provider of a configurable Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platform, which strives to help distributors and manufacturers improve the performance of supply chain. Edisoft has for a long time earned a reliable reputation in the supply chain management sector. The firm drives the supply chain performance distributors, and manufacturers with the ERP integrated EDI as well as ERP integrated warehouse automation and shipping automation solutions.


Edisoft’s modular, flexible, scalable and fully configurable software solutions help in solving numerous supply chain challenges. The firm’s solutions result in substantially measurable improvements in ERP order integration and automation, compliance and data for business intelligence, staff productivity, and reporting for distributors and manufacturers seeking to gain a sustainable competitive advantage with their Omni-Channel Business model, which includes B2C and B2B 3PL distribution and order fulfillment among others (Crunchbase). Edisoft features various successfully tried and tested software solutions, which include the Merchant Xchange, Merchant QuikPAK, and Edisoft Merchant in addition to numerous software connectors to solutions ranging from shipping to tracking.


Through ameliorating the supply chain performance, Edisoft benefits from a sustainable clientele, which boosts the firm’s reputation as they receive quality and satisfying services. Edisoft serves the world with its well-formulated and engineered software solutions. To serve it global clients and partners from different corners of the world, Edisoft leverages their global offices in the United States of America and Canada ( Edisoft leverages data as a strategic asset to enable the delivery of automated and customized software solutions.