Jim Hunt Aims To Show How Easily He Could Make His Mum A Millionaire

Can trading stocks really be easy enough to make another person a millionaire? Well apparently Jim Hunt, a UK-based financial expert thinks so. Hunt has been working with investments and stock trading for some time now, and he’s been making video tutorials on YouTube showing his followers how to learn the secrets of stock charts. Hunt claims that the act of trading stocks is not as complicated as it looks, and to prove that he can win at the stock market, he’s put forth a new challenge to make his mum a millionaire using just 10 trades. You can find more about Jim Hunt at his new website at www.makemumamillionaire.com, following his YouTube channel, or purchasing courses from the company he supports, VTA Publications.

VTA Publications is a company that focuses on educating people about finances and economics. They have put together coursework for people who are ambitious and want to take risks in order to become business owners, independent investors, or achieve other financial goals. The courses are very comprehensive and the material covers a wide variety of topics from learning how to use stock charts, to finding strategies in futures options, and learning how to plan for retirement based on biblical principles.

The seminars are recorded and included in VTA’s inventory along with all the other coursework. Whether you majored in business at Harvard or Columbia University, or have had no formal business or finance education period, you can benefit greatly from VTA’s materials, and you’ll be making your own money before you know it. To order the materials, simply visit www.vtapublications.co.uk and they’ll ship to anywhere in the world.

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