Lori Senecal Demonstrates the Traits of a Great Leader

Lori Senecal has impressed many people in her career. However, she is far from done. There is very likely to be more acts that are impressive as she moves forward. One thing that she has shown is how she is as a leader. She is aware of the traits that bring forth great leader. She has also shown how to be an effective leader. For people that want to be effective as leaders, there are traits that are worth studying. People who master these traits are going to excel in leadership.

One of the most important traits that Lori Senecal has shown is patience. Patience is not necessarily just waiting for someone to get the idea. As a matter of fact, patience is a sign of wisdom. Lori has the intuition to know whether or not someone is either trying to pick up the needed lessons of the job or is just being lazy. She is not hasty when it comes to making decisions. She is also patient with herself in that she understands that she is not going to be perfect at all times. Therefore, she does not allow herself to be afraid of making mistakes. Check out Bloomberg to see more.

Another thing Lori Senecal does is hold herself to a greater standard than others. For one thing, she understands that she is the leader. She is also the only person she has control over. Therefore, she makes sure that what she does is a reflection of what she says. As people see that she is someone who stands by what she says with her actions, then they will have a lot of respect for her. They will also be more inclined to follow her lead. One thing that can be said about people is that they subconsciously know effective leadership from ineffective leadership.

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