Rick Smith Helps Securus Technologies to Complete the Acquisition and Integration of JPay

Securus Technologies is the leading innovator in the prison technology industry as it always works on efficient solutions that are reflecting the trends of the current times for its customers. One of the biggest reasons for the success of the firm is its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith. During the period 2013-16, he made the company investing $600 million in technology, including acquisition, patent, and more. One of the most successful acquisitions was JPay stock purchase agreement in 2015. JPay was a technology firm focusing on electronic payments, educational apps, email services, and entertainment solutions targeting correctional ecosystem. Recently, the integration of JPay into the Securus environment was completed under the leadership of Smith.

After the acquisition, Rick Smith responded that the transaction would make Securus dominant in the quickly growing segments of corrections, including email, payments, and inmate tablets. He also added that the deal has helped Securus to be equipped to provide anything in correction ecosystem, especially to run a modern prison. Smith also added that he and his team were watching the growth of JPay during the years with a lot of admiration as the payment solution provider was deeply focused on technology innovation. He confirmed that the integration of services and solutions could significantly create a best-priced choice with highest security and innovation to the customers in the industry. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

Even Ryan Shapiro, the then CEO of JPay, also confirmed that being into the platform of Securus would give wider market for the products and solutions of the firm. He added that since Rick Smith Securus found to be fascinated by the company culture and management team, JPay management sees taking its vision forward an easy job. Interestingly, Rick Smith laid plans to keep JPay as an individual organization under the arm of Securus while the solutions are integrated to ensure more effective services. While coming to Securus, it serves in all the major correction centers, over 2,600, across North America. The leadership of Rick Smith helped the firm to expand its market and introduce new solutions that can accurately fit the needs of incarceration and enforcement agencies. Read more on Crunchbase.com.

In 2016, Securus published the letters from prison authorities that were praising the solutions offered by the firm. Smith confirmed that it releases product and services development proposals to various prison authorities at least once in a week to help the correctional agencies and law enforcement to solve crimes. He added that the company receives thousands of letters from different customers and enforcement agencies describing how the solutions of the firm helped them to employ the enforcement and incarceration services. Smith continued that safety has been added to the DNA of Securus to be socially responsible and serve the community.

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