The Manse on Marsh Offers Independence For People In The Facility

The Manse on Marsh is an Assisted Living Facility with great class and accommodations. The building houses many different 1 bedroom apartments with fireplaces, cable, electricity, and microwaves. These apartments are set up so that the individual can decorate with their own belongings. A resident has the option to bring their own bed and favorite chairs. Pictures on the wall will be at the resident’s discretion. The Manse offers a new resident the ability to feel like they are bringing in a little piece of home.

Recently, the Manse on Marsh introduced a new CEO to the community. Farron Bernhardt came to the Manse with over thirty years experience. He left Nevada housing and Neighborhood development to run the lavish and sound Manse in California.

Another happening at the Manse is the awards they are winning. This facility is listed on the “A Place For Mom” website. You can search online for one of the top Assisted living and Independent living facilities and this one comes up on top. The grounds offer walking paths and beautiful cozy seating for tea time. The inside Atrium has a Bistro, a Movie Theatre, a library, and a salon. The people living in this facility will not suffer from activities or splurges.

As for the facility itself, it has the highest marks for cleanliness and care around. Each resident that enters the facility will soon learn about the extensive activity program. Exercise and wine tasting is just a couple of the interesting things going on. The calendar is always full and no one is bored at the Manse on Marsh. The staff is happy to assist residents as needed so that the resident can live a full and independent life. Registered Nurses take the time to plan out an extensive line of care for each person. The care and wellness care plan allows each resident to do what they can and staff to assist with the rest. Residents enjoy remaining independent and free at the Marsh.

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