Todd Lubar: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Todd Lubar is a deeply experienced real estate professional. Todd Lubar is the president and sole owner of TDL Global Ventures. He started his career in the finance industry before moving to real estate. From a young stage in his career, Todd Lubar had aspirations of helping other human beings. He has always been particularly interested in new technologies and how they can be used to improve the real estate sector. Todd credits his equity role at Legacy Financial Group in helping sharpen his business acumen. His time at Legacy Financial helped him to understand the inner workings of the financial sector. During the recession when the mortgage and finance industry experienced major disruption, Lubar went into other businesses such as commercial demolition and metal recycling.

The technology that excites Todd Lubar the most is that of smart home technology. Smart homes use internet connected furnishings to give the home owner control of their home from any place in the world. Smart homes feature devices like smart lights that optimize power usage in a house. Virtual assistants that use speech are a common feature of a modern smart home. The Amazon Echo is a good example of a modern virtual assistant in the home. The echo uses an artificial intelligent personal assistant known as Alexa. The Echo allows users to create to-do lists, obtain information from the internet and act as a home automation hub by allowing users to control smart devices via speech.

Smart homes are also used to empower users. For many years, disabled people had to rely on other people to assist them on even the most basic things such as closing windows. Smart home technology is changing all of this. Disabled individuals including quadriplegics can take advantage of apps such as Switch Control. The app allows the user to open and close doors and windows. The user can also control other things such as switching lights on and off, which able bodied individuals take for granted. These technologies help disabled people to gain a sense of dignity and become more independent. Todd states that this is just the beginning of smart home technology. As artificial intelligence and robotics become more advanced, smart home technology will become more useful to people. For more info, check out